by *The-Chaos-Theory

Apple Bloom doesn’t want Granny Smith to embarrass her by speaking in her class

Episodes and YouTubes after the break.

  • XyroTR1

    Woo woo! :D

  • XyroTR1

    So…… did anyone see Derpy?

    • Trollestia5K

      I didn’t, even after watching it twice.

  • XyroTR1

    1080p YouTube is up! :D

    • XyroTR1

      er… link.

  • Lapsio

    It’s something wrong with it in 1080 and 720p. It hangs up at the beginning (when applejack is laying in bed)

    • derpymaths

      works great for me. still cant find the derpy tho! :S

  • Nio

    Hi, could you please try a torrent of the 1080p version?
    This megaupload thingy doesn’t work for me (it downloads 160 Mb and then stops). If you could make the torrent at it would be awesome!