Applejack by ~WingsofFox

Applejack disappears and her friends set out on a journey to find her.


We will be switching up our process for providing links to the episodes. In short the eye of Hasbro is upon us all, this site and more so anything that gets posted on EqD. XyroTR1’s channels get taken down rather quickly now, and we feel that its Hasbro watching EqD’s stream. Even our 480 stream here got knocked down, we assume by Hasbro themselves and not trolls.

The two biggest changes are going to be…

  • The “Episode Board” we post up on the top of the page with youtube/video file links won’t be used after this week. Since the entire site is now one domain, we’ll just be linking this episode guide everyweek (same way EqD does on their site).
  • Our Episode “Eguide” page will probably no longer contain direct links to the episodes. We will make sure you know where to find them, namely the Episode Docs online. Pain in the ass, but hey, its how it was originally done before we made it fancy.
It sucks big time, but there isn’t much I can do about a C&D, unless you people want to fund lawyers and we can argue about how the international crowd cannot watch this. But there has been recent issues between the adult fans of FiM and Hasbro themselves. If you didn’t know the majority stockholder that runs the company is a staunch conservative and really doesn’t understand how to interact with adult fans of anything. Its reason why you M:TG players are going to have to deal with double faced cards next year, and that TSR’s Glorious AD&D got turned into WoW for tabletop. Its why female fans of Transformers get jack. So we must play nice, otherwise the days of being able to rub elbows with the staff of Studio B will be over, as Hasbro’s brown eye will shut tightly.



Season 2 Episode Guide

  • switchbored505

    She talked… They called her Derpy…

    It’s over… Fandom’s all over…

    Everyone go home now…

  • TheLoneLampman

    OMG Derpy! But.. they made her full-blown derp. I hope they tone it down a little if she makes more appearances.

  • Matren

    There should only be one choice in this week’s voting for the episode. Best Episode Ever – God Tier.

  • Best episode ever. Seriously.

  • Prancing Sunshine

    I loved derpy. I hope she makes even more appearances.
    But this is definitely the god tier.

  • Fluttertroll

    It happened… It actually happened

    Derpy is 100% canon now. The Fandom has been shaken to its very soul… our very origin…

    History has been made – GOD TIER.

  • Asdfsa

    Big Mac tears have been shed this day.

  • Anonymous

    the voice is out of sync

  • LotsofJam

    Come on 720p-1080p! I need ma download fix! I need to carry this episode with me forever!

  • So, did anyone catch Derpy in this episode? :->

  • me

    I thought this was going to end up being that Applejack lost the prize money in a gamble or something XD but then this is a kid’s show.