AJ bein’ AJ by ~MasterMcnugget

The Flim Flam brothers challenge the Apples to a Cider Making Contest and the winner of the showdown gets to take Sweet Apple Acres, so with the farm in peril, the Apple ponies must come together and muster all their cider making skills. 

Flim Flam Brother’s Song


  • A great song. Best “Dear Celestia” letter ever.

    And proof that Applejack learned from “Applebuck Season”.

    A good episode!

  • Gage Scratch

    I loved it when Granny Smith got into the Flim Flam Brother’s faces. No one calls her a chicken.

    Also, another favorite background pony has her own voice. I’m speaking of BonBon, of course. Any idea who’s doing it?

    • Anonymous

      She’s already been voiced before. Multiple times.

      • Anonymous

        And by a different actor each time.