[S2E2] – The Return of Harmony (Part 2)
Written by M.A. Larson
Guest Star: John de Lancie

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Update:  Mentos is no longer doing the HDTV rips for Season 2.  Not sure if TrollHD isn’t bothering or what, but well, it sucks since it was the better of the two.
And so, we say goodbye to Discord, maybe we’ll meet again in Season 3, if there is one (have yet to confirm that one article, though been told its been posted up).  And with the end of this two episode story, we are without ponies until October 15th, a two week wait, but hell we just spent 12+ weeks without them, I think we’ll survive (or fall into….chaos).

As said this episode was produced during Season 1, and had the dual purpose of either being the opening of Season 2, or the final 2 episodes of Season 1 if the show had not been renewed.  There is just so much awesomeness packed into this.  I think Discord lived up to what the fans wanted, he wasn’t insanely dark evil, but was a perfect villain for this series.

Biggest complaint was the same as the first part, the story was rushed and kind of too short for such an epic adventure, but as said we can only blame the suits at Hasbro.  If only ever episode could be this, and not the general slice of life that makes up most of the season.  We do though have confirmed there will be at least one other two part story during Season 2, but I do fear its not going to be anything epic like this.

And with this episode, we welcome our newest background pony, Screwball.  I’ve actually seen some fans question how we can latch onto a pony that was seen for three seconds, but I think Derpy Hooves and Vinyl Scratch would have something to say about that.
Screwball also appears to be a homage to classic WB director Chuck Jones, as the “screwball” cutie mark was used in several episodes he produced where a character would hold a sign up showing a picture of a screw and ball, to indicate to the audience that a character was crazy.  One example comes from Duck Amuck which features Daffy Duck being tortured by the animators, at one point being turned into an insane flower creature that has a tail with a flag that features the screwball logo.  I also noted that the sound she makes is also featured in plenty of classic WB cartoons.

I’ve also noted while looking around at the fandom that many have made Discord her father, as she is a product of chaos.  Most are making her mentally challenged, which might be a good thing for Derpy and the fans who aren’t a fan of space cadet Derps.
And so, we wait two weeks.  At this time, Mentos is still waiting on raws, we’ll post in the news when his downloads become available, as they seem to have been declared the best quality so far.
  • Pawn Heart

    Hay! It is hard not to agree with the 'rushed pacing' assessment… but there was so much packed into the second part in particular, that I find it hard to complain, really… Just takes a few viewings to take it all in!

    Watching it unfold on a livestream (My first time doing so!) was a true joy… literally had no idea where it was going… and the ending homage was such an unexpected little wink that I couldn't help but laugh aloud! It was full of sudden, unexpected humour, nice character moments (Fluttershy REALLY pushing herself… and of course, being a jerk-off; Spike being more sympathetic a character than we have seen in the past; Twilight taking command with more sternness than has previously been seen) and some genuinely sad scenes (Twi beginning to turn was kind of heart-wrenching, especially first time I saw it…). Of course, the voice actors and, particularly, the animators seemed to be having a ball. A delirious caper!

    I do however, think that the second part was noticeably stronger in all departments that the opening one… probably because there was so much exposition that had to be crammed into the first episode.

    I must also say that, after the sonic rainboom of the Discord tale, I am actually looking forward to the gentler, character based stories that will no doubt be as much a part of this season as the first… Apparently, we can expect some nice developments in that regard!

  • Renegade5286

    Just thought i would let the everyone know that ponyarchive.com's 1080p download has been updated. Its a .MKV instead of a .mp4 now.

  • Anonymous

    blew my mind when I saw berry punch at the end, wtf. also double complete rainbow all the way across the sky, awesome. I really identified with Discord, and supported his reign…. and his rain.

  • Anonymous

    I latched onto a pony that was on screen for all of 6 seconds, then everyone else unfortunately followed suit.