Present Fluttershy by *SpeccySY

Fluttershy struggles to overcome her fear of public humiliation so she can help Rainbow Dash and the other pegasi create a tornado powerful enough to lift the water required for rainy season in the cloud-producing city of Cloudsdale.

  • Haha, I love it, a 5 rating for this episode is “Tree Tier” that is just so appropriate. You foals have a wonder sense of humor, I love it.

  • Gage Scratch

    This episode deserves a big yay. Fluttershy was as cute as ever, even when she was a tree.

    Also, multiple Derpy sightings. I think I counted three or four. The last one was near the end, but I might be mistaken.

    Lastly, loved the mule reference. Nice to see him back since “Applebuck Season”.

  • filledwithsolutions

    I liked it, but I liked it more back in season 1 when it was called sonic rainboom

  • koscum

    Great episode. I love it how you gave Fluttershy her own tier in the fan ratings; she deserves it.

  • Excellent episode. Not much else to say!

  • Kyser

    Loved the 50’s style propaganda video ponirized.

  • Kyser

    Derpy just warms my heart.

  • Derpy appeared derpped (not counting look a likes) over 10 times! Amazing appearance Derpy!