(S2E4) Luna Eclipsed
Info: People have been asking where was Rarity in this episode, and it seems she was in the script according to Faust. Here’s an screencap from her dA.

“She was still working on her costume, and perfectionist as she is, it wasn’t ready. (I forget what it was.) There was a whole sequence where Twilight brought Luna to Rarity’s for a makeover, hoping she could give Luna a “softer”, less intimidating look. Rarity freaked out about getting to dress up a Princess and over did it, covering her in the pinkiest pink princess get up ever. Luna disliked it and in taking it off, had a piece of the dress in her mouth. Pinkie showed up just at that moment and screamed that Nightmare Moon ate a princess and all the kids screamed and ran.”

– Fyre-Flye (Lauren Faust)

We’ll end up doing our summary of the episode probably a little later (or not at all like Ep3). Youtubes and Downloads below.
Also if you haven’t caught it, no new episode next week.  S2E5 – Sisterhooves Social will be the next new episode, but won’t be airing until November 5th. Next week is an encore of Luna Eclipsed.
  • ShadowTani

    I actually keep ending up through derpyhoovescentral.com because it's where the RSS feed takes me even if I subscribed through the derpyhooves.com version. x3 Thought I'd let you know.

    Anyway, pony time. @_@

  • Anonymous


    will we have a 720p upload?

  • Anonymous

    best episode evar <3
    luna is the best

  • Anonymous

    November?! aw man!

  • ShadowTani

    Neither me or my partner managed to decide on 4 or 5 muffins for this episode… @_@ So 4 muffins and a half eaten one? o.O I voted 5 in the end since 4 was leading, tut.

  • Raynor

    is anyone audio/frame rate off in the 720p download version?

  • Anonymous

    Loved Luna's return. It was so way overdue. Seeing her trying to adjust from her thousand year exile is a hoot. Need more episodes like this.

    However, I'm confused as to why she referred herself as "We" and "Us". Is she talking for herself and Celestria, or something else entirely different?

  • DerpySquad


    Short answer: yes. Its how old school royalty use to talk, because they represented all of the royal family when speaking.

  • fsLeg

    HDTVRip 1080p: http://goo.gl/6j7Vw
    Not youtube, encoded from TrollHD's Transport Stream.

  • fsLeg