by MadMax
(S2E5) Sisterhooves Social
Sweetie Belle is upset when her sister Rarity refuses to take part in a rough celebration of sisterly unity.  Air Time: 10am EST.

Remember, if you have the HUB available on your cable box, watch it there rather than the streams. Watching the actual channel helps support the show and its ratings. If you don’t have the HUB, many fans have a stream available.
  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for posting these links!

  • sharpinator

    Thanks for the links, I cant wait to watch this when I get home :D

  • Masky

    I loved this episode!so touching.

  • Anonymous

    Huh, why has everyone suddenly started to tell people to watch the actual Hub? Not that it's a bad thing, but no one really cared much about it until now, and both you and EqD and a few other big sites have started. Did you guys get some kind of request from Hasbro or something?

  • DerpySquad

    No message from Hasbro, we all use to say it in the early days of Season 1, but I did it more for the fact I found EqD's version to be poorly worded. "You're not a real bro unless", when so many people don't even have the option of getting the HUB on their television.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I remember everyone saying it a long time ago, I guess not hearing it for a while and then everyone doing it all at once threw me off. And yeah, I agree with you on EqD's wording. I actually get the Hub, but I had to leave before it came on, so I had to watch the streams.

  • Anonymous

    Not to be pedantic, but actually it doesn't matter if you watch the show or not unless you're a Neilson household. Networks can only track viewership numbers of households equipped with a Neilson box – the data is then extrapolated for the entire nation (see: statistical sampling). So if you're not a Neilson household, whether you watch the show or not has absolutely no bearing on the ratings; for all practical purposes you don't exist.

    This doesn't change the fact that it's a good thing to support the show by watching it on TV (with ads and all), but you aren't helping or hurting ratings unless you're participating in the Neilson system. And if you were, you'd already know all of this.