Since the mysterious cable guy who whispers in EqD’s ear has been right so far, I figured it would be safe to repeat the information for anyone who hasn’t seen it (since I’m learning we’re getting people who come here only for their pony news).
I’ve heard some people rattle off that there was no disease in Equestria, but this in a way proves them wrong.
Plot: Applebloom finally gets her cutie mark!  But joy turns to panic as she gets a second, then a third, then a dozen cutie marks.

Date:  11/12/11 @ 10am EST
  • ShadowTani

    It makes sense some people prefer to come only here instead of EqD since EqD is a bit of an overkill for some ponies, quickly eats up a hour or more of your day. For those I'm sure it's very appreciated to have a more relaxed and relevant alternative.

    And if I get any more busy than I am now I might be forced to cut EqD off as well.

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait for the episode!

    Regarding here vs. EqD, it's clear that some people are beginning to think the whole EqD and Ponychan mentality is beginning to get a bit… over the top. And not in a good way. So although this site doesn't get anywhere near the amount of traffic as EqD, I and many others I'm sure really appreciate what you guys are doing here.

    This site and FiMChan are still pony, but without all the overflowing crap* of fanfics, OC ponies, and love and tolerance stuff you see all day, every day on EqD and Ponychan.

    (Disclaimer: i don't have anything against this stuff in general, it just seems that it has become the face of the fandom, and I don't really like that…)

  • derpymaths

    cable guy.. ear whispering… sounds like a murder plot. maybe we should warn them… oh, but they're all the way over there… meh.

    ps. get outta the way derpy! with your friggen derp eyes. im trying to write a comment here.

  • Anonymous

    I have stopped going to EqD all together as of late. I find that derpyhooves has less BS and more straight to the point.

  • DerpySquad

    Truthfully it doesn't surprise me that we're getting more people coming here exclusively, there's a growing rift between "bronies" and "ponyfags", and I'm alright with that.

    We're about the show here, and highlighting the fun things the fandom produces. We're also about having a site that isn't running at the speed of sound post wise, EqD you gotta visit at least three times a day. Most people are too lazy to hit the second page button. This place, once a day and you should be good.

    Traffic wise we do alright, pageviews are a tricky thing as it doesn't mean specific people. EqD goes on about 50 million people clicked on their site, and truthfully that is bullshit. One person can generate multiple page views, by just viewing multiple pages. Its not unique view, and google blogger (that runs EqD) doesn't keep track of that. We pull about 30,000 unique visitors a month here.

    Either way, just means we gotta step up our game, without sinking into a trap of fandom and emotional stuff like love and tolerance.

    And I swear to god Wayne Brady is going to have to kill a bitch if I start seeing that "first" bullshit in my comments. Its another "plus" I like about this site, we don't get a shit load of comments, but when we do, there's actual intelligence behind it.

  • Anonymous

    >I've heard some people rattle off that there was no disease in Equestria, but this in a way proves them wrong.

    Urgh, I really don't like how some people believe Equestria and the ponies are pristine perfect.
    Usually obsessed fans tend to delude themselves into thinking that, which just shows the show has become some kind of an escapist fantasy for them.

    Anyway I'm looking forward to this episodes, I bet Apple Bloom will look like a race car full ad stickers.

    As for the DerpyHooves team, keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Keep doing what you're doing, man. EqD is a clusterfuck now and as a casual fan all I'm really looking for is actual news about the show anyway. I appreciate that this site exists as an alternative to all that OC/fanfiction mess.

  • Anonymous

    theyre feeling a little NAAAAAAAAUGGGHHHHTYY