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S2E6 – The Cutie Pox
Applebloom finally gets her cutie mark, and then another, and another.

  • Edock

    Dinky hooves is in this! Seriously around 8:00 until 8:35 you see her with her eyes googled. However she is missing her horn randomly. Not sure..

  • Ultamia

    Actually that's Ditzy, a filly version of Ditzy…

    I guess she must be time traveling with Doctor Whooves.

  • Edock

    Thinking about it more…Dinky hooves was a fan made pony, although dinky is a background character, its never been official that she was Ditzy/Derpys daughter, I think she just had the same color scheme, or maybe a different family member then what we think.
    I think this episode showed the real Derpy/Ditzy daughter because she did have crossed eyes.

  • DerpySquad

    Dinky was attached to Derpy in S1E12 Call of the Cutie, seen a few times in the background at Diamond Tiara's party. She got attached to Derpy due to people mistaking her color for grey (and not the purplish color she is), and the fact Derpy was at the party.

    Keep in mind Derpy was a fan made character until S1E15.

    The fandom is going to go down several roads with this.

    A. Dinky will now become the derp'd eyed filly in this episode.

    B. Dinky has a new pegasus sister.

    C. Dinky now has two sisters as some are pairing her with the purple pony that raced with her last week.

    We'll see what develops.

  • PootisPony

    Everypony!!! We have a newcomer to watching the MLP: FiM series! Me!!!

  • plaster

    uh, welcome aboard i guess then. enjoy your stay

  • MaKS

    I second the notion that Derpy is Doctor's companion. She's a kid here, that makes her Amy Pond, which means Dinky is Melody Pond. Dinky's supposed sister in Sisterhooves is actually her own regenerated self, River Song. It all makes perfect sense!

    Confound these ponies, I'm not even a DW fan, how come I know all this stuff!

  • Michael C

    Pootis: Hey there! Welcome to the party!

    I'm curious: What brings you here?

  • Mason

    TrollHD still haven't released a raw?