by ~Larsurus
S2E7 – May The Best Pet Win!
After seeing all her friends with pets, Rainbow Dash seeks a pet of her own and holds a race to decide which pet will become hers.
We won’t spoil it but yes, there is a song, and Daniel Ingram would love to hear from you on facebook via this message.Also if you’re being direct linked here, we got the synopsis for S2E11 Hearth’s Warming Eve, a xmas style holiday episode that also includes Equestria history.

(Disclaimer: This is opinion, not news).

We try and stay pretty neutral here, but man oh man what some people write to Ms. Faust on her dA account just astounds me. I know there’s going to be people screaming Fanservice over the turtle, as Dash had a series of fanart drawn with her and a turtle called Speedy, but between what Faust says and the fact the RD Toy comes with a turtle, I’ll leave you to your own conclusion.

Again, we try and stay neutral here, but for god sakes people, could you leave this poor lady alone, she is indeed the force behind FiM, but so is the rest of the crew that produces this. I say this due to another chunk of dA commentary someone pointed out to me. I don’t have an image, but it was something like this (during the Return of Harmony episodes).

Fan: That episode sucked, you can tell that you were the only talent on that team and your leaving is obviously showing up in Season 2.

Faust: Uh, I worked on that episode.

I know it cannot be helped, and I assume people like this do not come here to DHN, but give her a break, she’s got a new show to deal with, and probably will end up disappointed because everyone will be watching MLP.

Animation Blooper

Submitted by Bob, a tiny animation error found in the episode. You can watch this video which shows it a lot better than this screen shot, but in short the duck in the background is floating in front of Rainbow Dash in the foreground. Simple error in the flash layering. Sisterhooves Social also has one when Sweete jumps through the bucket/barrels on the race track (her tail goes behind the 2nd barrel in the background while she’s in the foreground). I’m sure at some point we’ll end up with a blooper reel like last season.

  • Mason

    "Also wanted to say those looking for the DH1080 and DH720 copies of last week…so far TrollHD has not uploaded the raw, so they either missed it, or…something."

    Welp, that answers that. Hopefully, they get a chance to release it.

  • Anonymous

    I love how there's fanart of a turtle being RD's pet that was made even before this episode came to exist.

  • DerpySquad

    Fastest pony in Equestria meets one of nature's slowest creatures. It makes sense.

    I know someone will probably scream fanservice at it too, due to the pictures. So anyone on that frame of mind, remember that her toy counterpart comes with a pet turtle (thus, this episode is more product placement). There's a previous version which comes with a squirrel too.

  • Anonymous

    That's cool that you'll use XyroTR1's rips for now, but when TrollHD finally gets around to uploading their raws will you convert them too? They tend to be the best. Fewest artifacts/skips, and using later showings with less intrusive ads/logos (ie ALL NEW EPISODE is gone).

  • Anonymous

    Fucking people need to stop posting stupid bullshit on Faust's DA account.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Absolutely. There has not been a single episode that has been singularly terrible, I don't think people have any right to complain the way they are.

    Then again, it seems it's only a few misguided foals who think that the show is entirely faust's work, and think that every episode should be their own personal opinion of God-tier.

    It sounds like a cop out, but hell it's the truth. I love every damn episode, they've all got some merit, and I love every bloody pony. Sure AJ's my personal favourite, but if any of the ponies changed then I'd be fairly irritated.

    Also this fanon crap is annoying. Sure, you constructed something that happens to look something like the show later on. Those damn turtle pictures were gonna be taken as an idea from the toys anyway. As you've pointed out, they came with her. Hell, I have a couple of the damn things.

    I mean cmon this can't be making faust feel that fantastic either.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, you should have put some spoiler before the dA part. Haven't seen the episode and already know how it is going to end.

    that kinda sucks… :/

  • Digi Doodle Doo

    MLP:FIM has a bad episode? Blasphemy, every episode is great in my book. The turtle thing was a given. I thought it was going to be her pet since the toy came with it but then again my Pinkie Pie came with a mouse >.<

    Poor Faust, I do wish her luck on whatever she is working on. I'll sure give it a watch.

  • Anonymous

    The S02E07 TrollHD rip is up. Hope you'll convert it for us, thanks!