by ~Queen-Alice
S2E8 – The Mysterious Mare Do Well

There is a new hero in Ponyville who is masked and stealing RD’s Thunder.

Funny Fact: Many of the tv guide listings are calling Rainbow Dash a he.
  • plaster

    ah, let me do the honors. Rainbow Dash is the worst pony

  • nh4no3

    They're all shit this week.

  • DerpySquad

    The youtubes? Yeah I've been hearing that, we're actually uploading the DH-480, though XyroTR1 said the 1080 is about 15 minutes away from going live, not sure if it'll be 1080 at that point, but its coming.

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this episode.

  • derpymaths

    kicks mcgee is now best pony

  • Anonymous

    Plaster, please, there's enough pointless arguing on /co/ don't bring it over here >:)

    Anyway, I think it was a nice episode.
    IMHO better than last week's which was just a song and a big montage of animals competing, no story, no character interactions or development.
    Also it seems we have a new writer.

  • Ultamia

    The return of the Pinkie sense made this episode a whole lot better.

  • MaKS

    Animals competeing was the point of that episode, Anonimous, and they made the best they could out of it. This week's episode is the opposite of that, the writer went about the worst way possible to address a fairly decent premise. The fact that the new guy takes continuity cues from Polsky of all people is a little alarming as well.

  • Anonymous

    Can you explain how it was the worst way possible?

  • MaKS

    It's pretty bad in every respect. Overarching setting ignored, the moral played straight, no hint of originality, characters fanderized, convenient slopes everywhere and so forth, you name it. All these flaws appear from time to time, but never before they were so tightly packed into one episode.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, nah. Half of what you mentioned is in EVERY EPISODE.

    And what the hell are "convenient slopes"? Do you mean that ludicrously unsafe hill that was played for laughs?

  • MaKS

    Conveniently placed hill, yes. And like I said, those things happen sometimes, it's about all of them and more coming together in one episode. Hopefully the writer will improve though, one episode is hardly enough to pass the final judgement.

  • Anonymous

    Yes but the hill was PLAYED FOR LAUGHS. That's like complaining that Homer Simpson being stupid makes The Simpsons a bad show. You can't look at a comedy (which is what MLP is, at least partially) that way.

    Every single episode that has a moral has "the moral played straight". In fact, I'd be interested to hear what subverted morals the show has had.

    Throughout the show we've had sewing machines, pneumatic drills, record players and a hot air balloon, so hydroelectricity isn't that out there.

    "No hint of originality"? The second episode had the story of Androcles and the lion copy/pasted into it. Trixie's bragging and subsequent failure was based on the Wizard of Oz. Discord is, by Faust's own admission, Q. This show has never been original.

    "Characters flanderized"? How so? Rainbow Dash has always been obsessed with being the best to the point that it actually makes her lose out. Or didn't you watch Fall Weather Friends?

  • Anonymous

    >sewing machines, pneumatic drills, record players and a hot air balloon

    The bowling alley was also pretty out of place.

  • Anonymous


    >tvtropes jargon

    Sorry I can't take you seriously.
    Stop overthinking everything.

  • derpymaths

    "sewing machines, pneumatic drils, record players and a hot air baloon"

    twilight sparkle has a friggen EEG and entire neuroscience research laboratory.

  • MaKS

    >All these flaws appear from time to time, but never before they were so tightly packed into one episode.
    How many of you can read, I wonder.

  • Anonymous

    OK, let's take an episode and see how many of the flaws exist. I'll pick, say, Sonic Rainboom.

    Heavy industry in Cloudsdale, including pneumatic drills.

    >Moral played straight
    I still have no idea how you see this as a flaw, but OK.

    >No originality
    Rarity's subplot is basically the story of Icarus.

    >Character traits exaggerated
    Fluttershy is more timid than usual and Rarity is more vain than usual for the first two acts.

    >Jokes that MaKS does not get
    I can't say for certain, but there was probably at least one in there.

  • MaKS

    I wonder if you could pick a worse example if you tried. How on Earth do you manage to derive setting ignorance and lack of originality from the episode that created Cloudsdale and had put a twist on a story that doesn't get brought up very often in the first place. Rarity's vanity being exaggerated I can see, but here's how the morals work in SR as well as the greater part of the show: by Hasbro's decree in the end they put this throw-away line or two that have only passing relation to the actual story, if any at all. When the whole episode can be summed up in the letter to Princess, it's a pretty consistent sign of lazy writing.

    And yes, my sense of humor is greatly superior to yours because whatever.

  • Anonymous

    If you'll pay a little attention, you'll note that I don't say anything about Cloudsdale being unoriginal – I specifically talk about what happens at Cloudsdale being unoriginal. And it is, dude. Copying the ancient Greeks is about as far from originality as you can get. But no, of course, because their doing the Icarus plot with clouds in the background rather than cottages it's 100% original and the new episode sucks and should burn in hell. Of course.

    And now you're saying every episode has a throwaway moral with only a passing relation to the plot? Jesus, man, do you even watch the show?

    This episode's moral: Don't brag.
    The content of this episode: Lots of bragging, followed by punishment for bragging.

    Seems pretty related to me.

  • Ponyville_trot

    Such passion!

    This show is not a slapstick comedy. It is not Loony Toons or Tom and Jerry. Lauren Faust has already stated her preference for low tech, quazi medievel solutions for everyday activities in Equestria, and to only use modern tech very sparingly. This show may be episodic (as per request by Hasbro) but elements and lessons learned from one show get transfered to other shows down the line. That implies consistency and world building throughout the series. This is different from Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner where there are no follow-up stories and the characters learn nothing from one show to the next.

    The 'Homer being stupid' comment needs to be rethought. Homer's stupidity is an essential part of the topography of The Simpsons. Cliffs, high rises and 7 deadly accidents in one show were not part of the topography of MLP:FIM until now. Every episode we see Ponyville from the air: these elements were not there before. Dropping in so many Deos ex machina elements at once in a narrative is going to ruffle feathers.

    Most people consider MLP:FIM to be a narrative with some slapstick, not the other way around. This is reflected in the tremendous output of fanfiction and speculation on the fate of seldom seen characters. This show has a lot of canon material. Roadrunner? Not so much.

    As for recycled story lines, well of course there are tons of recycled story plots! How many literary plots are there, total? 20? Of course plots get recycled time and again, there are so few to choose from. And because kids ask questions, the references are made obvious so that adults can explain them easily to their kids without too much effort. Part of comedy is knowing what is going to happen next just before it happens, so cliché references help the comedy along. Ergo, Icarus, Androcles, Spike in a baby carriage, phoenix with a mustache.

    Thus, this episode was below par for straying too far off canon. The topography of Ponyville got butchered for a few laughs, friendship and diplomacy got tossed in favor of punishment, and the moral was so shot to hell that we didn't even hear Rainbow Dash dictate her letter to Princess Celestia.