I still say we should all get together as a committee and start buying up Hasbro stock, they’ll have to listen to us… at a couple million dollars worth of stock…  works better than a petition! -plaster
[03/02/2012] : Comment Section is now closed. There is a central page for DerpyGate located here.

  • Zaehlas

    Please save Derpy. All Bronies get involved in the petitions!

    • Anonymous

      and pegasisters!!

  • Guest

    “Sign a petition and try to help save our dear friend!


    Let’s do something more than just sign petitions, twitter hashtags, discussions, and helpless sadfaces on the sidelines. Let’s get their attention NOW, let’s send them heaps of fan letters and feedback.

    Not just letters that give positive feedback, but letters that include a drawing/picture/image of Derpy, with her name clearly visable as “Derpy Hooves” on it. If we can get a movement going, we CAN do something. If reddit can shake the political world, I believe we Bronies can make one company see that WE. LOVE. DERPY.

    I don’t care what their motives are, whether business-intended or otherwise, we can at least try for our dear cartoon friend. You can call it Operation: Derpy if you want it to sound exciting, just spread this along and help the “cause”!

    I honestly don’t know where feedback would go, but we might as well try it all!

    Hasbro Toys & Games

    U.S., 401-721-7277, hasbrobrandpr@hasbro.com

    Canada: T: 905-238-3374 ext. 282, HasbroPR@Hasbrocan.com

    The Hub

    U.S., 401-721-7277, tbd@hasbro.com

    Hasbro Studios

    U.S., 401-721-7277, tbd@hasbro.com

  • Cybil Maddux

    Derpy represents the klutz in all of us! She is in no way offensive, and if anything she teaches others to have patience with those of us who are in a word, Derpy. :)

  • Jim


  • BrianJ

    While the song is well written and pretty….

    It kinda disgusts me that someone would draw that picture of Derpy…as if the community is an innocent victim that Mean Ol’ Hasbro came and attacked.

    The community brought this on itself. Not just with the initial people sending letters to Hasbro, but with the subsequent panic, name calling, more letters sent, panic over the panic, MORE letters sent, bugging the creators of the show non-stop with messages, asking what the issue was, sending Hasbro MORE letters….it was a needless spiral of panic.

    If Derpy Hooves is dead, it’s not because Hasbro pulled the plug or because she was a victim of circumstance. It’s because bronies killed her. I know that cuts close to the bone, I know it hurts…but there’s no other explanation here.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, because writing in to let them know that we loved Derpy Hooves is what made them decide to do this. Because when companies get positive feedback they panic and pull the plug in case they accidentally make money.

      Sarcasm side, I strongly believe it was a few individuals/concerned parents who are to blame in this instance. Not the brony fandom in general.

    • Anonymous

      that’s about fucking stupid, they weren’t aggravated by panic till they try to change her…

    • That is like saying if you are in a torture cell and have no power and are chained to the wall that you are responsible for being tortured. A BILLION letters cannot force Hasbro to do anything. There is no lawsuit filed legally compelling this action. Therefore Hasbro did this of their own free will. If they were INFLUENCED by anyone, who cares? They still made a voluntary call. Not soccer moms. Not bronies. Not Matt & Trey. Just Hasbro. That’s not flaming. That is called taking responsibility, something Hasbro seems unable to do as a corporation, since they hack edited the episode overnight with no explanation in sadly misguided hope fans would not notice.

  • Um, what’s all this save Derpy stuff about?

    • they are taking her out of the MLP show from what i understand

  • Themag1cwalrus

    Derpy doesn’t deserve this! She deserves praise! Who is even offended by her? Parents who misinterpret the word Derp? Parents who grew up with cartoon characters like Goofy, or Bullwinkle who fit the role of “mentally challenged” far better than derpy could? Its true that one of Derp’s definitions is someone with a retarded face, however that does not make it its main definition. Derp is most commonly used as a word that is said when someone makes a mistake and that’s what derpy does. She makes slapstick mistakes. God forbid that Mlp has a character similar to Patrick star, or cosmo, or Dee Dee, or Bubbles, or Goofy, or the Hotdog Knights, or many more that aren’t mentioned. She is our connection to the creators. Whoever wants to get rid of her can expect a fight, because we will not let her go that easily.

    • dynamo

      derpy wasnt even retarded and am i the only one that noticed that mlp:fim allready had a retarded character, snails i mean come on he’s obviouslt retarded and his cutie mark is a effing snail in term means his special talent is being slow

  • James

    Save our beloved Derpy! She’s done nothing but enter our hearts and spread joy, and now she’s being punished for not having a name that some people don’t agree with!

    I love you Derpy!

  • Ditzydont

    I’m dissapointed in the so called Bronies who’ll take the first chance to attack the very fandom they’re claim to be apart of.

    A minority of Bronies hated the name Derpy and complained to Hasbro to get rid of it? Cool story bro but where’s the evidence?

    So far all we have is a bunch of circumstantial evidence. Last Roundup isn’t on iTunes, WeLoveFine is removing Derpy on some of their products

    Based on that some of you are going on a wild witchhunt to find the heretics that dared said anything negative about Derpy. For shame.

  • Cinnamon Fritter

    Why not just change her name to Ditzy-Doo and leave the character in the show? True, all of this could’ve been avoided if people had used just a little common sense and researched the word. But now we’re here and I still see the same behaviour that caused all this.

    How come there has to be absolutely no comprimise from the pro-Derpy crowd with no regards to others opinions or feelings? This stupid character has become some kind of no-tolerance crusade on behalf of the vocal part of the fan-base and is making us look pretty bad. At first I would’ve been happy with just her being Ditzy-Doo, but now I’m at the point where I’d rather her just be gone and done with to eliminate all this blind hate.

    Anyhow, we’ve already gotten a background character recognized and officially named with DJ Pon3. How come no one’s going crazy and starting witch hunts against the people that call her Vinyl Scratch?

    A rose by any other name is still a rose, but don’t be stupid and try to call it a picaninny heart.

    • Kyser

      Because she is……Derpy Hooves……and nothing else.

  • DustnRain

    Here’s a solution for all, and a means of keeping her existence still relevant to the world of MLP, and its fan base/bronies/whatever. First middle and last name. Derpy Ditzy Doo. Have one of the cannon characters mention that or something and problem solved with the name. There ya go.


  • Floofy Wings

    What is going on with Derpy?

    • derp

      Apparently Hasbro wants to ban Derpy Hooves from the show because they feel that she makes fun of mentally challenged children..

      • More cause people bitched and hasbro doesnt want to be seen as politically incorrect.

        • But Hasbro already markets the mentally challenged Grimlock of the Transformer line, who is clearly a physical adult but has the grammar skills of a kindergarten child. Apparently nobody understands that not even Hugh Laurie would diagnose a cross eyed, clumsy patient as having Down syndrome, but subpar grammatical development is a clinical indicator of mental retardation. Take that and smoke it, Hasbro!

  • ¡Santiago!

    Malditos, porque ella sea diferente no significa que deba ‘desaparecer’ :(

  • MLPfan!

    We got to save derpy :c thats would be sad if her name is changed and everything about her!

  • Ugh

    Fuckin’ Yamino.

    Save Derpy!

  • For God’s sake! There is no sense, if that happens then what will be the next step?
    Lyra and Bonbon can not go together because it seems a couple?
    Princess Celestia is a blasphemy to the church?
    All this is a huge absurd! And giving is the first step to start the show to be regulated for fear of offending others

  • Crazael

    Wait… what happened to Derpy?

  • Anonomoose

    10 years from now are we going to see Derpy in banned cartoon scenes like Pokemon seizures and Silver Spooner?

    I dunno about you guys but that’s kinds cool. Sucks about the merch though.

  • Bethany Gartland

    Poor Derpy she never wanted to hurt anyone. give her a chance and keep her name. please Please PLEASE!

  • Bethany Gartland

    I don’t know how to upload videos but”You’ll Be In My Heart” should be one of the songs for derpy.

  • Hannah

    I LOVE Derpy! She’s been my favorite pony ever since I discovered her, even before she spoke. She was so adorable in “The Last Roundup!” Save Derpy!

  • Charmo

    R.I.P., My Little Derp-Eyed Princess…

  • RIP Derpy. Forever in our hearts. <3

    • Anonymous

      Y WOULD U SAY R.I.P MAKE THEM CHANGE THER MINDS I NEED DERPY AND just-just… i need her plz put in some effort to help derpy if u really care

    • Anonymous

      Plz dont say r.i.p thats just saying ur fine wit them putting her off the show if u want her just help save her!!

  • elizabeth

    If we can’t accept a pony that is a little different, how can we accept people like derpy in our society. what kind of society are we?

  • I… I can’t believe this is even on the table.

    How could this have happened? I’m not shocked as a Bronie, I’m shocked as a human being. Is this the message we’re sending? “Hey kids, it’s okay to be stupid, BUT if you’re not 100% of what we’re expecting physically, then so help you, we will ERASE YOU!”

    I’ve sent Hasbro a letter (a thoughtful letter, not one out of anger) I’ve signed the petition, I’m doing my part, you better be doing yours! I’m not speaking as a Bronie, I’m speaking as a believer in magic. Let’s make this happen! Let’s SAVE DERPY!

    • Anonymous

      Hey wer is this petition? i NEED to sign it derpy is my life!!

  • Anonymous


  • Hasbro already markets a mentally different character in its Transformers line named Grimlock who can’t even make a grammatically correct sentence although he routinely fires laser weapons and engages in activities only adults would perform. This indicates a provable clinical mental deficiency. Being cross eyed or clumsy does NOT. If Hasbro thinks kids will be affected by Derpy’s original form, they should use the show to change her in a way kids can understand constructively. She focuses her eyes at last to be able to catch Dinky when she almost falls out of a tree. She takes agility lessons to help Rainbow Dash train for the Wonderbolts. She shares her boyish voice with a truly disabled pony who was born mute at the hospital and they both get new voices as a result. These are positive ways to move the character in a new direction. Just hacking apart an episode EVERY child fan has seen with no apology to any possible offended people teaches children who should be enjoying a kids show that its okay to FIX people different than yourself because of political correctness. That is a message adults can comprehend but 3-9 year olds cannot. It also teaches them if you do make a mistake just cover it up and hope nobody notices and it will all go away. That is the most shameful thing about how they edited Derpy. This is NOT anybody’s fault but Hasbro’s. If it was an offended party, there is NO lawsuit that successfully forced Hasbro to take action. They caved preemptively to a tiny minority. I love both the original and the new Derpy but her name needs to stay, and there needs to be an in show reason for changes like this or kids will not understand. I am a brony, but I am also a dad. There are positive ways to make these changes if Hasbro is compelled to, but this is not one of those ways.

  • Marion

    Rip derpy we love you

  • mali

    please tell my how can i save derpy? why hasbro you are stupids or what?

  • I seroshly think Derpy does not make fun of any one she kinda makes me feel better i’m not mentally challenged i just cant spell and am a huge cults

  • Phil

    Hang in there Derpy! We are all cheering 4 u!

  • Anonymous

    save derpy

  • Frank

    Love how snails is an scapegoat to be used in arguments about derpy. Just because he is an young Canadian kid that is not so bright makes him retarded. Seriously how is being slower than others qualify as a retard? If that were the case would most Americans that are slower than others retarded?

  • Gold

    i don’t see derpy as retarded,but haters found a way to ruin brony’s fun! 99.9% of people liked derpy, 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000…….1% of people don’t like derpy, wt*! ( stupid nintendo, not letting me swear >.>( jk)) really?! caddering to the lesser amont!? derpy came a long way,she’s even in g3! ( but sadly no derp eyes ( going from g3 to g4 must have messed up derpy’s eyes)) and snails in more ” retarded” then derpy in my mind, and that’s that snails is just slow, derpy is just clumsy. and do we even know if the 0.0000….1% of the people really watch the show, they could be anti-bronies just trying to ruin mlp for bronies ( i don’t really know, don’t get much news in johto…) and i like RD cause she’s like me, so if kids with disabltiys watch this show, they would like derpy cause they can relate to her, atlest i would ( and i think others do relate to derpy, like i said, not much news gets into johto)

  • Hoopy Hors d’Oeuvres

    I was given the following number for contacting Hasbro:

    Consumer Affairs Team at 1-800-327-8264. Mon-Thurs 8 am to 5 pm EST and Fridays 8 am to 1 pm.

    They don’t seem able to answer questions, but they WILL take down comments. Call and voice your support for Derpy!

  • Char

    I mean, to keep it nice and sample, if you don’t like a t.v. show then just change the channel .-. I’m not blaming Hasbro but I am blaming the misunderstanding of the word “Derp”.

  • Christopher

    Im gonna Start a petition for Operation Derpy! To all the bronies email me your name at christopherstuto@outlook.com ill add names!

    SAVE DERPY!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    you will be saved
    even if only a small or large number of the community want you to stay
    you will make a come back
    we all have our moments of…well…….derpyness
    everybody, we need to save her

  • Thunder Dash

    do not banish her SAVE HER

  • Thunder Dash


  • Rizingphoenix

    Who hates her!! She lovely as she is!! SAVE DERPY WHY SHOULD BRONYS HATE HER

  • thebob221

    Don’t remove derpy she didn’t do anything if anything she gave people
    That we’re made fun of something to laugh at and fell better about them selves

  • im a pegasister and i think that derpy brings the shine to a acuestra and she soud not be banded i am letsgoradge from youtube and i will be makeing vids just for derpy and all broneys and pegasisters soud help me by subscribing SAVE DERPY!!

  • save derpy

  • Anonymous

    Dont worry derpy will save you

  • c


  • Anonymous


  • Heights the loving Brony

    Im a 10 year old brony i have thoughts of suicide derpy and mlp but mostly DERPY help me if she gets banned were gonna add another suicide me i will kill my self of depression and a knife and rope plz keep derpy shes my soul my life she is MY POINT IN LIVING IF SOCCORMOMS OR ANYONE GETS HER BANNDED I SWEAR I WILL KILL MY SELF PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!! KEEP HER PLZ plz plz for me for us for her…………..

  • Heights the loving Brony

    And if anypony or anyone helps you will be blessed loved forever by us by you by me by her last thing ive been crying for about 2 hours so plz plz help…

  • aeris walker

    derpy you are my favorite pony dont let them change you i had cancer in my left eye when i was four and im partially blind most of the time im really dim and clumsy but i wont let it hurt me stand up for yourself show them who’s boss
    luv aeris

    • Heights the loving Brony

      aeris walker you are right but one thing she cant stand up to them all alone so remeber we are ther for her

  • J. Monoton

    Save Dery! Please! :'( She is in all our hearts.

  • Anonymous


  • rey

    i want to help too :’)

  • Murday

    Derpy is not offensive, if anyone is offensive it’s the people at hasbro!
    Derpy forever!

  • La Rose

    Ssaaaaaaaaavvvvveeeee derpy already!!!

  • Mia Petersen

    Who do we know, who have tried to remove imperfect beings from the face of the “Earth”? The Phrenologists, the Nazis and now… Hasbro?!
    Yes, even we try to look the other way, if someone is imperfect in our eyes, but it dosen’t help, if all we see in the media are perfect beings, because we need to se imperfect beings or else we just begin to see them as not being beings at all.
    So… bring back Deerpy the way she was. No! She’s not offensive at all, she’s just… the one she is and it’s good to see, that even in Ponyville, there’s room for someone, who’s not perfect created, just like in RL.
    Give us the original Derpy back, not doing it is genocide and that’s bad… Very bad!

  • please save derpy i am representing 23 people. she is my fav caracter i dont want here to go.it would beso mean.my friend and i found this web site like two min ago.and my friend is crying right now..and she called her friend she is outraged.i just want derpy to stay.

    Sincerly the pegasisters