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Well with everything that has gone on, I figured it was time to break down the facts and report on what has been going on, beyond the article that was posted yesterday.

  • At 4pm Yesterday we broke the news that Hasbro was pressuring WeLoveFine into removing their Derpy merchandise. This was given to us by a reliable source from inside WeLoveFine who wishes to remain anonymous. As said in the comment section, I thought long and hard before releasing this information, and made sure that the information was 100% confirmed, despite being unable to give everyone an actual source.
  • Starting even before our post, people began to rally against this, forming an online petition and #savederpy on Twitter. At this time, the petition to keep her name has over 10,000 signatures, and the #savederpy campaign on twitter received 1,500 tweets, 292,048 impressions and reaching an audience of 94,454 followers in the past 24 hours.
  • Around about 10pm EST Thursday, merchandise on WeLoveFine began to change merchandise with the name DERPY on it to generic names. (For Example: Derpy’s Cutie Mark shirt is now known as Pony Cutie Mark, and so forth.) According to an EqD article that was just posted today, the names are re-appearing (though there are shirts that still seemed to be renamed for the moment, this of course may change).
  • The Last Roundup has been missing from iTunes, though there is no confirmation if this is due to the Derpy scene. The episode has also seemed to have vanished from The Hub’s lineup, as its typically repeated (MLP has a 2 hour slot weekdays at 8:00/8:30am and 11:30am/Noon). The episode remains on HubWorld’s player, and it has been confirmed at least at this time that SHOUT! Factory, the producers of the upcoming DVDs have not received any word from Hasbro to change the episode, so at this time the episode is due to be produced as is.
  • The Last Roundup seems to have appeared on the official MLP Site, Derpy Intact. [Source]
  • At this time there has been no official word from anyone on this whole ordeal.
And that’s all the information we have for now. Personally its Friday, new episode tomorrow, time for some beer.
Update 2/6/2012: Reported earlier today is an e-mail from Hasbro UK that makes claim the name is not changing. This sounds pretty good, but of course the UK Branch of Hasbro isn’t their legal team. But combined with the addition of WLF re-adding the names to the shirts and such, I’m confident that Derpy is here to stay either way. Article on this letter found here.
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  • Ditzydont

    The WLF thing seems like a good sign.

  • Anonymous

    The Hub also keeps cancelling reruns of The Last Roundup and replacing them with other episodes.

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  • Derpy

    The Episode the last roundup is missing from the Hub since 46 minutes, just a error message was coming. After a few more minutes the Button to the player for it was gone.

  • VectorHoof
  • It could just be them re-editing the episode with another voice, as clearly, and evidenced by the VA herself, Tabitha St. Germain, the voice was off.

    About the merchandise, it could just be that they’re broadening the merch to more ponies, thus giving it a generic name seems apt, but in specifying for just -which- cutie mark to have,Derpy’s name should be there.

    Also, there was a vote regarding changing Derpy’s name, and her character.
    Said vote I’ve lost track of, at the moment, but I’m sure EqD has the link for it.

    • Anonymous

      I like Derpy’s voice the way it is. no reason to change to me.

  • SpeedXaaa

    Thank god….