Any engaged fan of Friendship is Magic will recognize the box above, containing the highly-coveted pony figure which was initially produced for and only available at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. The toy comes sealed in a package decorated with elaborate artwork from the show: muffins raining down upon Cloudsdale. As is the norm for the creative process, designs can go through many revisions before reaching a final product. After the jump you will find an earlier revision of this toy’s box art, which has some very apparent differences from the final product. One interesting point to take note of is the mentioned file dates.

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An initial design with the die cut lines. Inner packaging is a blue gradient. “Derpy Hooves” text and character artwork is present instead of muffins. Dated Dec-19-2011.
Production file of previous image with all layers revealed.
Character artwork. Dated Dec-16-2011.
Production file with all working layers revealed. Dated Dec-12-2011
Later revision. Character artwork and text replaced with muffins. Yellow inner packaging. Dated Feb-10-2012.

  • Jody Morgan


  • Ethan

    …Its like 200$ now on amazon

  • Bubblegum

    Well, its definitely fun to see Derpy promotional artwork and her official model sheet running in Illustrator right there!

  • Anonymous

    When I got mine off of eBay a while back, she was only wrapped in the plastic wrapper! I’m tempted to print this out and put it together.

  • How did you get this?

  • Anonymous

    I initially read that as “any *enraged* fan.” Which, of course, I now am. Sigh. What could have been…