Season 1 & 2 Transcripts by Al Back

by *template93
I think it was over the summer we were handed the transcripts of Season 1 done by Alan Back, and thankfully he is back with Season 2.  There has been general touch-ups, corrections and overhaul done to this version, and even been placed in google docs rather than PDFs (such as the version found in our episode guide).  For the time being this post will serve as the depository for the transcripts.
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Season 1 & Season 2 Episode Transcripts

  1. Friendship is Magic – Part One (Mare on the Moon)
  2. Friendship is Magic – Part Two (Elements of Harmony)
  3. The Ticket Master
  4. Applebuck Season
  5. Griffon the Brush Off
  6. Boast Busters
  7. Dragonshy
  8. Look Before You Sleep
  9. Bridle Gossip
  10. Swarm of the Century
  11. Winter Wrap Up
  12. Call of the Cutie
  13. Fall Weather Friends
  14. Suited for Success
  15. Feeling Pinkie Keen
  16. Sonic Rainboom
  17. Stare Master
  18. The Show Stoppers
  19. A Dog and Pony Show
  20. Green Isn’t Your Color
  21. Over a Barrel
  22. A Bird in the Hoof
  23. The Cutie Mark Chronicles
  24. Owl’s Well that Ends Well
  25. Party of One
  26. The Best Night Ever
[Season 2]

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