Season 2 Billboard

Geekscape has gotten an exclusive look at the new ad campaign geared to kick off season 2 with a new Halloween-themed billboard, set to go up on Monday. Really, who’d be better to take the role of Carol Anne than Pinkie Pie?

They also point out that October 22nd and 29th will be the air dates for the Halloween special. Does that mean that this is another two-parter or will the 29th be a rerun?

Either way, this kind of supports rumors pertaining to the screenshots leaked earlier this week, but for the sake of integrity, keep considering them rumor unless we get some official comment on them, which will most likely just be the episode itself. :shrug:
Personally, I’m psych(o)’d for the Derpy bit.

via Geekscape

Bonus: Here’s an animated version by Aha-McCoy.

  • derpymaths

    halloween's really gonna rock this year

  • RoboPlop

    The animated version 403's on me.
    Also, with all the rumors and "leaks", I'm really curious how Derpy will appear in these coming episodes.