Not exciting at this point, but today the MLP Facebook page uploaded the same clip in HQ, which is a lot easier to rip from. Download here.


Hokay, so another clip of season two footage has popped up over at Yahoo! Kids (watch the player at the top-right). It’s got the Cutie Mark Crusaders in it.
There is a reference to Discord in it, so don’t watch it if you’re avoiding spoilers. S’all I’m sayin’.

Who wants to bet we’ll have the whole episode in pieces by Friday?

via Yahoo! Kids

youtube embed after the break! Thanks leth!

  • Lethallin

    I am just too slow.

    My attempts to rip the video have failed, so I'll just keep an eye out for more keen people's efforts once this inevitably reaches youtube.

  • Lethallin

    Also youtube version:

  • plaster

    thanks leth! im actually quite pleased that both of you are on top of things

  • Rainbow Pride

    anyone notice the octavia statue? she's a goddess even in equestria!

  • plaster

    what i did notice is that they upped the ante on the facial expressions.

    muy bueno