by *Solar-Slash

MLP Arena member SoSilver has recently taken a tour of the Italy facilities of Hasbro and came away with many pictures and some season 2 information, namely about the last episodes, though its in the form of a cryptic message.  Tons of pictures inside their HQ. You can find the MLP Arena thread here, and as always I’ve got the pictures and info after the page break.

Answer to Questions…

  • Celestia is pink and will always be pink, because pink makes little girls want her and gets Mommy and Daddy to buy said toy.
  • Blind Bags:  Starting in March there will be a 2nd wave/edition (purple bag) available in Italy and probably most of Europe.  No word on American bling bags at all.
  • Minty (?) will probably be in a special pack with Rainbow Dash and Skywishes as an extra pony, and Skywishes will probably be euro-exclusive.
  • Possible boy pony toys.
And last is the cryptic message that is only this:  Keep an eye on episode 26/27/28 of Season 2, and yes there will be *o** *r** **i* c***a***r*.  (someone decipher that quickly).
  • Anonymous

    >Celestia is pink and will always be pink, because pink makes little girls want her and gets Mommy and Daddy to buy said toy.

    How … shallow?

    >there will be *o** *r** **i* c***a***r*

    there will be more *r** evil characters

  • Max Steel

    Trek? Following in John de Lancies' footsteps? Or maybe he is back and it is grey?

  • Anonymous

    I… honestly have no problems with the pink Celestia toys. :/ I have the styling-size one, and I think she's pretty.

    Though, if they aren't making white toys, are these images of white Celestia toys from Taobao and the like fakes? I saw one that was the styling-size, and white, and not glittery/tinsel-haired like the one I have. :<


  • "Boogster"


    IS IT: "Songs from main characters"?

  • Anonymous

    "There will be moon arcs thin characters"

    I am so right.

  • pixelkitties

    Everytime I stand in the MLP aisle at Target, I go slowly insane listening to "Baby Pinkie Pie" scream at me.

    That said, I REALLY want a baby Spike!

  • Anonymous

    If I could finish Anon1's message. It could be:

    There will be more 'grim' evil characters.

    Just hear me out. First there was Nightmare Moon. Next it was Discord. Only a couple weeks ago we learn about the Windigos. Who knows, maybe they will all return due to a more powerful enemy. Well, it's only a theroy. Nothing to back it up, but it would be interesting.

    Also, I so want those cutouts, especially Applejack, Fluttershy, and Luna. Still can't stand pink Celestia. She gives me the creeps, and that voice adds to it.

  • Anonymous

    "There will be homo from main characters"

  • Chip Unicorn

    There will be 'toys from evil characters'.

    Think about it. Though Hasbro Italy doesn't create the shows, they would know about the toys coming up. And Discord, Gilda, Nightmare Moon and Trixie would sell well!