Derpy Hooves Photographer
by ~tamalesyatole

As August wears on and if its anything like last year, we’re going to enter spoiler / pre-view territory of Season 3. As always, we’ll be shoving them behind a page break for those who wish to avoid any spoilers.

Not 100% on the source of these images, seems a frequent submitted to EqD by the name of Whatshisgame is who submitted them, but there is no detail as to the actual source. Could easily be Top Draw Studio who has been known to leak information before. Pictures and some more text after the page break.



Picture 1: Obviously the Crystal Kingdom which is pretty cool looking. Actually looks more fancy than Canterlot since its surrounded by a city, rather than hanging off the side of a mountain with a farmer town in the distance.

Picture 2 – 4: Really unknown what we’re looking at with the exception of Rarity’s House and Sweet Apple Acres, abandoned. It could be something that happens in the world, or could be a “what if” montage somewhere in the episodes.

As WhatsHisGame points out, the pictures were numbered 312 and 313 which is probably the season/episode code from where these came from. That’s actually a creepy thought considering the abandoned pictures are marked as the 13 episode which will be the season finale. Again could easily be a montage at the start of the episode, or a possible cliff hanger? Or that the series is over and everything is abandoned.

Either way, time to speculate.

  • TheDash

    Fallout: Equestria is upon us.

  • twilightsparklz

    Well i am still wondering why so short of a season 13 episodes whyle the others have been longer i think there hideing something like maybe a MOVIE but thats my thought on things

  • This is pretty frightening all things considered. I hope it isn’t as bad a sign as it seems.

    • Tom S. Fox

      Meghan McCarthy already said that no movie is in the works.

      • Tom S. Fox

        Damn, that was supposed to be a response to twilightsparklz.

  • Foxmane


  • Tom S. Fox

    Why didn’t you post the images of Trixie?

  • Iloveyouderpy

    I think there was this dude that works on the show posted on twitter saying ‘Some seasons are shorter than others and sometimes less episodes is to help lead in more seasons” Then he put lot of focus on “A lot more seasons.”

    Notice i put “i think” so dont rage at me if im wrong

    • That would have been William Anderson (background music composer), he posted it in his Deviant Art journal.

  • Anonymous

    My ennui-o-meter is off the charts. I’m guessing the season finale represents the death of small town America, as Equestria becomes more and more city-oriented and people lose sight of their Arcadian values or whatevs.

  • Frostbite

    Those last images are frightening! not only am i scared of the possibilities of how it happened, but i’m scared of whether or not they’ll be able to heal the damage!