Well folks, in a few hours that season finale is going to roll out, and we’ll see what exactly we get. What more can be said. Streams are below, they will probably be packed more than usual, and I would definitely find a few “theaters” to watch this in, between things exploding and possible troll attacks, you never know. Later on, my thoughts on the up coming “summer” season, which should be hilarious, or at least interesting. For now, we do what we do, and watch marshmallow ponies.


  • Medic_Starshine

    So… awesome!

  • MrBoltitude

    My review: 6 out of 5.

  • TheLoneLampman

    OH MY GOD.
    That was the greatest thing ever. EVER.
    I have never felt anything so intense!
    I choked up at this wedding– so many times!

    DHX, Hasbro, Hub, Everyone who made this, THANK YOU!
    This was the most epic thing possible.
    I’m struggling to express the amount of awesome I just witnessed. Sorry!

  • That was the greatest episode ever. It started really annoying but it get better and better later on

    I would give it a 11/10. I would give it more but Tori spelling really ruin it :\

  • I loved the season finale of My LIttle POny!!!!!!

    It was perfect!!!!

    They redeem from the Derpygate!!!


  • bob

    Overhyped episodes were overhyped, and of course, the CAPS LOCKING!!!1! plebs flock to rate it instantly 5/5, just like every other shiity episode. Why bother even having a poll, the damn thing always rates 5/5 every episode anyway.

    • TheLoneLampman

      Did it ever occur to you that maybe each new episode keeps topping the previous one?
      If this keeps up, I might actually die during season 3.

      • nightmare-awesome

        LOL, take mmmystery on the friendship express for example. It was one of the worst episodes of the season, and it still got 5/5, i agree with bob in some ways. The bronies just follow the flock and rate it 5/5 as long as it has the word pony in it. The episodes, however, have NOT gotten better each episode, they took a dive around episode 18.

        • TheLoneLampman

          Yes, I completely forgot about that. My mind is full of pony right now.
          I believe I gave it a 4. (I gave MMDW a 3; Average but not crap).
          Sorry that you aren’t enjoying the season as much as others are.

      • Anonymous

        Did it ever occur to you that this show isn’t that perfect? I agree with OP 100%. Once the newness and the hype wears off people will see it again and form a proper conclusion.

        • Anonymous

          if you don’t like ponies then why are you here

    • MrBoltitude

      “CAPS LOCKING plebs,” seriously? Wow, conceited poster is conceited. Look, buddy, if you thought the episode was a let down that’s fine. Just rate what you felt in the poll. That’s your opinion and your entitled to it, but don’t be a hipster twat when other people give theirs’. They rate it a 5/5 because they enjoyed it.

    • daniel

      Obvious troll is obvious, let us not waste anymore comments over people of his sort.

      • Anonymous

        So because someone has a different opinion than the hive mind they are somehow trolling? You should lurk more.

        • Anonymous

          No, when somebody has an uncommon opinion and then expresses it in a way that he seems to have chosen specifically to start a huge flamewar, then he’s probably a troll.

    • Roland

      Well, Bob, why don’t you go off and write your little typed single spaced treatise on the literary shortcomings of a cartoon aimed at young children, and then post it online so we can see what a big, swaggering awesome critic you are. Meanwhile, the sane fans will simply enjoy episodes for 22 cynicism free minutes and move on with their lives in a better mood.

  • filledwithsolutions

    I cant believe they actually pulled it off.
    I cant say they were the greatest things EVAR, but not even Torri Spelling could ruin it
    Id give part 1 a 3.5 and 2 a 4.5

  • I only have one thing to say.

    12 minutes into episode two.

    FlutterDash kiss.

    Its now canon.

    • By Celestia, I think you’re right!

  • Anonymous

    Great song, nice fighting, mediocre episodes, laziest possible conclusion. Overhyped, overrated and… not that bad.

  • Gage Scratch

    Epic episode with great songs and fight scenes. My only gripe with it is the abscence of Luna during the wedding and the Changeling Queen’s unviel. She must be one heavy sleeper if she couldn’t notice all the commotion going on.

    • Roland

      Or she was somewhere else, as they went out of their way to show early on.

  • That was the best thing I’ve ever seen from ponies (though Derpy’s unedited canon appearance is still close). Changelings are the most badflank villains to appear so far, and the only ones to feature an extended fight scene!

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna have that last song stuck in my head all night!
    Love Cadence and Shining Armor! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for season 3!

  • Anonymous

    GOD that was good. I just hope there will be more DERPY in season 3 now all the drama is long sorted.

  • Marsha Milan

    Omg Chrysalis YOU ARE WILD