And so we close the chapter on season 2, before the community lies the vast wasteland known as the off season, while the crew at DHX has their work cut out for them. They know all eyes are on them, as many question season 3, ranging from the rumored 13 episodes from the fact Lauren Faust no longer works on the show. In general I say, give these guys your trust. Faust was a major player with the past seasons, but in the end it’s the entire crew that makes the show.

As for the season finale, the crew definitely deserves a round of applause for it, there was so much working against them with this episode. Despite a few small complaints, I have seen very little negative feedback about the episodes. There is always a few who will find the flaws, but nothing is ever perfect. I know when said and done I walked away from the finale feeling satisfied, the introduction of new characters wasn’t that big of a deal and they managed to tell the entire story in 44 minutes without any major issues. Pacing was the key, it was one of the bigger complaints about the Discord episodes, that it felt off. This time around, did not feel that. I see a few who said the ending seemed a tad rushed, but that’s about it.

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Ingram and Anderson did a wonderful job on the music as always, everyone seems to be a fan of Chrysalis’s villian song, This Day Aria. The animation flowed with professionalism, especially given the fact these guys are working off of Macromedia MX 2004 software, something from back in the day when Adobe didn’t own everything, namely Flash. As always, the voice actors were excellent, especially for Britt McKillip (Cadance), Kathleen Barr (Chrysalis) and Andrew Fancis (Shining Armor). Ms. McKillip has a long resume in Barbie and Bratz videos which I would assume requires a lot of singing, and a lot of the “mean girl” attitude, characters which fit in perfectly for Chrysalis. Mr. Fancis has a long resume in anime and regular animation, and we know him as Braeburn from Appleloosa. He did a good job, though I have to note so many people have keyed in on Shining Armor sounding like Keanu Reeves, or at least a “surfer dude.” Despite that, you really didn’t notice it. As for Ms. Barr who I missed the first time I wrote this (not sure how I missed that), she has a very long resume in the cartoon world which includes Dot Matrix / Princess Bula from ReBoot, Marie Kanker and Kevin (Kevin?!) from Ed, Edd n Eddy, and The Great and Powerful Trixie on MLP.

Plot wise, I’ve seen some people put the story on par with a Disney movie, and I would have to agree to a point. They did write an epic story, I don’t think many where expecting what we got. We had seen the previews and known some information, I know many furrowed their brow at the “clones,” but most probably assumed it would be the usual “evil clones” bit, and not just a creature that changes form. The review from Toonzone called the plot very generic, but personally I like to call it classic. All good cartoons go through a certain set of stories and episodes, telling the story in their own way.

And of course the ending, some say it felt rushed but I didn’t really feel that way, not like I did with the Discord episodes. I think this is mainly due to the fact we had some conflict, and we had some brawling. In the Discord episodes there was very little conflict. Discord did his thing, caused chaos and turned the world twisted, but Twilight spent most of her time dealing with her Discordian friends. In this, they had the epic brawl with the changelings outside Canterlot castle. Thankfully the “clones” where not what everyone was thinking. Most probably assumed we were going to get into the classic “evil clones” gimmick when those previews came out, thankfully again, it was just the changelings screwing with the cast.

All and all it was a great ending to a great season. God knows what awaits this community the vast desert that is the off season, but it will definitely be entertaining to watch.

PS: We’ll be doing what traditionally us fans do best, and go into unneeded deep discussions about the episode at some point in the future.

A Canterlot Wedding

Story by Meghan McCarthy

DHN Rating: 4.7 out of 5

  • Alex

    4.7? It’s 10 out of 5 :)

  • Zaehlas

    This entire season has been a roller coaster ride of epic proportions. I became a Brony just before the season started, so although I watched all of season 1 (finishing that literally just in time for the start of season 2), I wasn’t hanging with baited breath for each episode, reading comments, feedbacks, etc. Of course the community wasn’t as big, so I don’t know if the experience would have been the same.,

    Every episode had it’s moments. Episodes that didn’t have a lot of built up hype or attention ended up surprising everyone. Episodes that everyone was waiting for delivered with a bang and more. Every time we though we might be up against a cliche’d “normal” cartoon episode, the staff of DHX throw something in there that puts it above and beyond.

    And like a roller coaster the pace of the season sped up and slowed down, with some known required (and not always appreciated) breaks in broadcasting. Then just a little bit into the season, more and more FiM staff start talking with the Bronies. More communication, with the Hub Facebook starting to throw us tidbits and sneak peeks. The pace speeds up and slows down, moderated in some by the controversies that I need not mention. And like a true roller coaster they save the best for the last stretch.

    In order for it to BE the best, there has to be slower and faster moments. There’s always going to be an episode here and there that people may or may not like. Not every episode can be best. However as a combined whole, the series and season can BE the best. You can’t have a good movie without mixing action, romance, plot, special effects, and many other things and not everyone will watch said good movie for all those things. The same with FiM, not every episode or every minute of every episode was perfect, or even good. But as a unified whole I can say I’ve never been entertained by one single “facet of entertainment” in my 37 years of life as much as I have been entertained by MLP FiM these last 9 months.

    That includes Hasbro and DHX involvement, the Bronies, the meet-ups, the art, music, videos and media that has ripped through the Internet in torrents. I am honored to have been lucky enough to be a part of that. With the wrong introduction I could have remained a skeptic and missed out, avoiding the Bronies altogether. Luckily I did not, have not.

    The “park” may be closed for the moment, and the roller coaster itself is sitting quiet, oiled and shined. Next season will start it up again, and like any good adventure park, it will be bigger and have more features and be more hyped up and advertised than ever before. And I look forward to every minute of it.

    Thank you to anyone that reads this for letting me be a part of something special.

  • Anonymous

    Kathleen Barr did Chrysalis.

    I know because she sounded just like Dot Matrix from ReBoot, as with Trixie.

    • Thank you for pointing that out, not sure how I missed it since I did see the tweet from Thiessen stating so (cause I just found it in my bookmarks). Updated the article to include her, MFW she’s Kevin from Ed Edd n Eddy.