Running of the leaves
by ~tgolyi

Seasons, there are many of them, some of them shorter than the others, perhaps for special reasons, to be followed by other long seasons. Seasons. Many seasons.

Nothing like good poetry.

  • Alan Back

    Short and to the point–I like it. Let me offer up my own interpretation of the message:

    “This is the job. Don’t wait for it to happen. Don’t even want it to happen. Just watch what does happen.”

    –Jimmy Malone (Sean Connery), The Untouchables

  • Graem

    It’s interesting to me how people assume it has to do with FiM. It could be addressing the clear and obvious anxieties about “omg magic syndication number” and such, but it doesn’t say aye or nay on more seasons of the _show_.

    For example, I can recall having a very short winter recently and a longer spring. That follows a part of the journal, see?

    I hope something clearer comes up before the end of Season 3. I do not want to plan and host a “Series Finale Party” if it turns out there’s more to come.

    And I too wouldn’t mind another season. Not to let it go on for so long it gets stale, but I think it has more life left in it.

    We’ll see what happens, eh?

    • Anonymous

      >It’s interesting to me how people assume it has to do with FiM. It could be addressing the clear and obvious anxieties about “omg magic syndication number” and such, but it doesn’t say aye or nay on more seasons of the _show_.

      for god sake please tell me you’re not real

      • Thistledown

        It may or may not have anything to do with the show. What’s known is that there will be 13 episodes in the next season of MLP: Friendship is Magic– Top Draw’s website references this number, it’s been confirmed through other sources. What’s also known is that two 26 episode seasons and one 13 episode season brings MLP: FiM to the minimum number of episodes required for syndication, for this type of show.

        What’s not known is what this means for the future– It’s possible that Hasbro may have decided to stop once they reach that number and run repeats of the show until they decide to do another series. This would fit with the company’s past behavior–They’ve done this with MLP before, and I’m sure that long before the first season aired, there were people in the company who expected to do the same thing with FiM.

        A few things are different this time around:

        1. Hasbro (and the Discovery Channel) have created their own network, the Hub, for original and syndicated programming.

        2. FiM is a popular show, with a growing audience– Kids love the show, parents love the show, people in general love the show. The finale for season 2 was the highest rated episode in the Hub’s history. Relatedly, FiM has increased sales of MLP toys, at a time when Hasbro has seen toy sales drop overall.

        Given that the show is popular, given that the show’s popularity is growing, given that the show is driving sales of MLP-related toys and merchandise, and given that the show is important to the overall success of the Hub, it’s likely the show will continue, until this is no longer the case.

        (It’s also worth noting that 13 episode seasons aren’t unusual. Powerpuff Girls ran for six thirteen episode seasons, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends ran for six thirteen episode series, as two examples.)

        Also– And I think this speaks to William Anderson’s post– Worrying doesn’t help anything. It’s wasted energy. All stories eventually end. FiM may end in three seasons, it may not, but either way worrying about it won’t change the fact that it will end, someday.

        While it’s here, it’s awesome. When it’s gone, remember that it was.

        • Basically this. Quit worring about the end of the ride and just enjoy it.

  • Wonderwing94

    To me, Will’s trying to imply that MLP will have a fourth season and possibly even more seasons. The fourth season is supposedly longer than season three. Also, season three apparently is short for a reason. Could it be because of that rumored movie?

    Oh, and for those who actually think Will’s actually talking about actual seasons, then why would he name the journal “don’t worry?” He’s obviously naming it that because of the worry that the show will be cancelled after season three.

    • Anonymous

      No shit man.

    • Anonymous

      Copy paste from 4chan.

      Hey /mlp/ Hasbro here, just
      letting you guys know that
      we are ending the series after
      13 episodes of season 3
      because we hate money. We
      dont like the popularity this
      franchise has attained and thats why we put out
      toys of background characters that became so
      popular amongs its fans and also for the first time
      in MLP history released toys of villains/antagonists.
      This is also the reason that our comic con
      exclusive was a fan made character and why we
      listen to your feedback and changed the name
      from one of our ponies from Heartstrings to Lyra
      Heartstrings so you wont loose a name that you
      have grown so accustomed to. Those collectible
      cards with all the nods to the fandom are related
      to this as well.
      In conclusion enjoy your last 13 episodes of My
      Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, we here at Hasbro
      are eager to start Gen 4,5 and bring the franchise
      back to its days of loosing us money.

  • Random spoiler person…

    Well, he means that this season is only gonna have 13 episodes. and then there will be a longer 4th season… yeah…