Seeds of Kindness 3 and Traveling Pony Museum Livestream Fundraiser

All times in EDT (UTC−4).

Bronies for Good, The Traveling Pony Museum, The Brony Show and Ponys Live Now are proud to bring you this 24 hour long livestream fundraiser! It has taken quite a collaborative effort, and we thank you for your support.

Tune in to see some great interviews from guests such as:

  • Lee Tocker – Steven Magnet/Snips!!!!!
  • John Joseco – 6:30pm June 1st – Artist and blogger
  • Tsitra360 – 12:30pm June 1st – Artist
  • Michael Martin Moro (FO:E RPG) – 2:30pm June 1st
  • Alex Straza – 4:30pm June 1st
  • and more!

We also have some great pieces up for auction as well such as:

  • Signed items by Andrea Libman
  • Exclusive Toy Fair Pony Contest Winner signed by the artist and in original box.
  • Crochet Pony Plushies
  • Pony Plushies
  • Giant Pony Plushie
  • Fausticorn Create Poster made out of Pearler Beads
  • 3D Printed Pony
  • Sculpted Pony
  • A joy ride in a Jurassic Park Jeep at BronyCon 2013 (We wish we were kidding. We aren’t, and it will be awesome!)

Oh and did I mention we’ll also be giving away Steam games?

We’ll be playing a few video games, hanging out, and providing all of the above, in an effort to raise money for Seeds Of Kindness 3 and The Traveling Pony Museum. Stop by, bid, donate and have fun interacting with your fellow bronies!

Come on by and join us starting at 12pm Saturday June 1st at:

Hope to see you then!

~The Traveling Pony Museum Team

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