Seeds of Kindness Album Preview


My Little Remix has released the above teaser for Seeds of Kindness, the charity album for the upcoming eponymous fundraiser! Enjoy!

Since we reported on it in February, work on the album has made great progress. This is directly from the Bronies for Good website (emphasis mine):

We extended the deadlines to accomodate people studying for exams, so you can still submit a song until March 22nd! More info here.

We are also looking for custom pony merch, commission offers and Steam gifts, as prizes to the most generous donors. Thanks to such prizes, the CCA received five donations over $1,000 last time, so these gifts truly are doing a lot of good!

Thanks again to everyone contributing to this, and keep spreading the word!

The tracks in the preview, according to the description:

00:00 Journey to Happiness by PhillyPu
00:50 Sunrise by Peak Freak
01:45 Spring is Coming by Joshua Mononotoe
02:35 GemN’I by Dusk Shine, Obelion and Zeeraw
03:26 Hva Kommer Fra Havet (What Comes From the Sea) by Miu Miu

The Seeds of Kindness fundraiser aims to fund two major projects of the nonprofit Your Siblings: The first roughly $10,000 raised will go to a clinic in Uganda. Then, subsequent donations will benefit the Green Village project in Burundi. Your Siblings covers travel and personal costs as well as money transfer fees independently from donations, so that the money raised will be used exclusively to fund both projects.

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