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Got word of a new Charity Album by Bronies for good in the works, and you can help with this one even if you don’t make music! Copy pasta of the email I recieved from CaptainFluffatun and a sample from the album after the break!

Bronies for Good is following up our previous charity album, “Smile!” with a new fundraiser: Seeds of Kindness. It’s to build a clinic in Uganda, as well as a Green Village in Burundi (more info below/on the Bronies for Good website). We’ve switched partners from the Children’s Cancer Association to a group called Your Siblings, who intend to use their own personal funds to finance transportation of the donations, as well as go there themselves. Where do we come in? We get to make a whole album dedicated to the cause, and this time, 100% of the money raised will go to the cause (The CCA took about 10-15% of the donations from Smile! for themselves). It’s actually open to join (mention this!) to anyone who makes music. It doesn’t have to be pony, despite our website name — it just has to not be to grimdark/sad. The theme is Seeds of Kindness. You can go anywhere with that.
There’s actually a few other ways people can help. People like incentive, right? Well Bronies for Good has also suggested people make prizes — art, plushies . . . hell, even gifting a game on steam or something. Any prizes people can give up for donation would be greatly appreciated. Below is a more detailed excerpt from the Bronies for Good website, which I will link at the end of this email:
 “- The first $10,000 collected will be used to complete the building and supplying of a clinic in Uganda, where there is less than one doctor per 12,000 people, and life expectancy is only about fifty years. After this initial impulse, the clinic will be self-sustainable and able to provide free emergency care without any external help for anyone who can’t afford to pay for it.

– When the clinic is fully funded, the next donations will be used to build a Green Village in Burundi, where street children who lost their parents to the civil war can find a home and learn to earn their subsistence without having to resort to crime.

The policy of our partner, Your Siblings, is to cover all travel and personal costs as well as money transfer fees privately and independently from donations, so that 100% of what you give will be spent exclusively on said projects. They are currently setting up a better donation platform for this event, and every donor will instantly receive the album, without any specific instructions to follow.”

I hope I’ve covered everything. I’m not exactly our press team, but I was given permission to spread the word — in fact . . . tell EVERYONE to spread the word! The more people that know about it, the better!
Bronies for Good page on the subject:
My Little Remix thread on the subject:
Again, everyone who makes music is strongly encouraged to join (as long as the submission is happy enough — doesn’t have to be a whole lot, just not sad).
Here’s a sample of the album I was given. This is not the final version of the song, if you want to hear that, you’ll need to buy the album(Trust me it’s good)!

  • Chase

    This is why bronies are truly the best.

  • Thanks again! Let’s really pull together to make a difference, people :3