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Simon Frasier University, which Wikipedia calls a Canadian public research universtity, which was totally unknown to me until now, hosts it’s own little webzine called the The Peak.

Now, we’ve been in multiple highschool newspapers and had articles in a couple major publications and this shouldn’t be anything to get all excited about, well it isn’t. Other than a few teeth grinding mistakes about the history and the ranking of a certain multi-colored pegasus (Rainbow Dash is NOT the best pony)  I have to admit that the article pretty much sums up why the show itself is great, focusing on the talented people who have or are working on the show and not getting hung up on just what the fanbase does. It’s nothing you haven’t read before though, just another weapon in the arsenal, even if it is a little tl;dr.

Thanks to MetalBeerSolid for finding, converting this from pdf and sharing

  • Anonymous

    Great article.

  • DerpySquad

    Pfft, no mention of /co/.

  • derpy dash typhlosion

    derpy is best pony! but rainbow dash is best pony so yeah take that!