by Tess

If you’re upset by the distinct lack of Rarity from the new episode, then I have the solutions to your problems.
Shiropoint, the creator of the wildly fabulous Play Like Pinkie Pie video just released the latest in the pony themed video series. Enjoy!

  • nh4no3
  • Anonymous

    Everyone hates Rarity.

  • Tranquil

    Rarity is great pony.

    This video and the series is wonderful.

  • ShadowTani

    Everypony hates Rarity? o.O Pffft. Rarity is my favorite pony! She's fabulous! :3

  • nh4no3

    If people cared about Rarity, she wouldn't have been replaced by Carrot Top.

  • plaster

    rarity was supposed to have her own part in the episode where she gives luna a makeover or something. It's in the episode post one down.

  • ShadowTani

    Lol guys, you're being such trolls, all the ponies have episodes where they don't appear. ;P

    Anyway, the lost Rarity scene in this episode don't seem very original to me so I personally think it was OK for it to be cut off.

    Besides, we're getting a full Rarity/Sweetie Bell focused episode coming up next as a compensation. ;3

  • nh4no3

    Not anymore. It's now going to be Carrot Top/Sweetie Belle.

  • Masky

    I still like Rarity but Pinkie Pie is my favourite,opinions,opinions.

  • derpymaths

    carrot-sweetie FTW

  • Anonymous

    I was just pretending that Rarity was commissioned to do so many costumes for all the citizens of ponyville; that she was too tired to go to nightmare night.
    She's my favorite pony, I was really really bummed to not see her in this episode ;_;