Season 1 box set case

It seems that we’re finally getting a box set!

Hot on the heels of the Crystal Empire DVD pre-order from Shout! Factory is the one we’ve all (the ones in Region 1, at least) been waiting for: The Season 1 Box Set. An exclusive, with a runtime of 570 minutes (roughly 26 episodes X 22 minutes apiece), it doesn’t appear to have any bonus features, but it is still incredibly cheap at $24.49 USD marked down from $34.99 MSRP, coming to less than a dollar per episode (although, it should be noted, the price is just slightly under the $25 needed for free shipping from Amazon). The release date is set for December 4th, the same as the Crystal Empire DVD, and Amazon doesn’t charge for pre-orders until the product ships. Remember, as with the other Shout! Factory releases, this one is DVD Region 1 only; that is, the U.S. and Canada. —Doc, edited by Telofy

Equestria Daily also mentions “Brand-New Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew,” but doesn’t give any source that I can see, so this should be regarded as rumor for now. —Telofy

Update: Commentaries confirmed thanks to Garethrogue of DHN. —Telofy

[Source: EqD]

  • about time. Already got it Pre-Ordered.

  • I think Equestria Daily has a lot of insider contacts. Maybe someone directly involved with the DVD told them through e-mail about the audio commentary.

  • Anonymous

    And with that, faith in Shout Factory has been much improved.
    Just waiting on a Blu-ray release…