Over on Ponychan, on the merchandise board. A brony going by the name Opalescence has started up a contest for a blind bag Fluttershy. Those are kind of a big deal, especially if you’re a collector like me.

How do you win this you ask, and what in the wide wide world of Equestria is a Shutterfly you ask?
Due to a typo from an official email from hasbro asking about their products and being seen by one of the many interesting minds in the community, the idea of a genetically spliced fly+fluttershy was born.

Now how do you win?

Quote from the ponychan post:

“You can draw it, animate it, make a comic about it, render it, sculpt it, or customize some toys. If you want to build a model from toothpicks, be my guest.
But before you all go moaning about guro, flutterabuse and the likes, let me tell you, I love Fluttershy as much as any other pony from the show. And that is why there is one restriction I want to impose:

While the goal is to create a horribly mutated mockery of the Fluttershy we all hold dear, I also want you to keep her adorable in some heartbreaking, tearjerking way.
Shutterfly should be a grotesque yet huggable monster.”

The deadline is July, 4th at midnight PST.

All entries look like they can be submitted right to the thread on ponychan. The rest of the details are there.