Sibsy Joining Brony Thank You Fund

Crystal Sibsy by HampshireukBrony
Crystal Sibsy by HampshireukBrony

The central news is that Sibsy has joined the Brony Thank You Fund—but they are also delighted about the extra funding that LasPegAssist has bestowed upon them, which will benefit their art scholarship drive. Additionally, convention goers can look forward to meeting Phillip Gotobed in his new function as coordinator for the Fund.

The Brony Thank You Fund is pleased to thrilled to announce that Sabrina “Sibsy” Alberghetti has been appointed to the board of directors. Ms. Alberghetti takes the place of Lee Tockar, who was unable to continue as a director for business reasons, but will continue to serve on a newly created advisory board. The existing board of directors (Phoe, Pixelkitties, Daniel Nottingham and Coder Brony) are thrilled to welcome Sibsy to the Fund, and look forward to the insights she can bring to the Fund’s projects.

In addition, the recent fundraising at Las Pegasus and the relief auction has pushed the fund over the 25% point in their $50,000 CalArts Scholarship drive. With luck, the Derpy Hooves Animation Scholarship will be funded within this calendar year.

Finally, the fund announces with pleasure the appointment of Phillip Gotobed as Southwest Coordinator for the fund. Look for Phillip at Appleoosa Con and Equestria LA in the coming months, representing the fund.

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