Sibsy on Doctor Whooves

Repeat from the EqD (cause I was napping). Since the last episode there had been chattered about the brown background pony who flipped the hour glass, aka the fan dubbed Doctor Whooves. Seems people felt that this was a little treated placed in the episode for the fans, I think namely because he appeared in this episode with a bow tie (would have to check the other episodes, can’t remember if he’s been seen with it).

Either way, senior storyboard artist Sibsy explained that yes, this was done on purpose by the supervisors on FiM. Is Doctor Whooves now canon? Not sure if I would go as far, but as always the crew is aware of what we do out here.

At the moment the screen cap to the left stands as the only proof. The comment was made in a journal entry made by Sibsy about the whole Conflict of Derp that occurred a few weeks ago, and comments have been disabled on the entry.

Doctor Whooves by ~MikorutheHedgehog