We got these all in the mail today! (Well the original audio for Epic Cupcake Time, but the animation does wonders. Except for the overdone portal music at the end. Can’t win them all)

Let’s slide these babies behind a break.

MLP Comic Dub – Silly Celestia
This one is pretty good, it’s a take on the old Sonic comic edits meme. Good times. I can see Trollestia doing that though. 

Epic Cupcake and Muffin Time (I added muffin time on myself because Derpy is always relevant.)

  • pixelkitties

    ZOMG! The voices! The perfect voices in epic cupcake time just make it!

  • InsaneChibi

    I actually added Still Alive at the end because I just had it in my music files. I might change it sooner or later.