by Master Davey

It’s better than no news at all!

Bronyville Podcast
Last Night, Derpysquad and myself were invited on the Bronyville Podcast to hang out with SandyChef and CiderApple. Good times were had and the recording of that will be available early morning Wednesday on their site. We will – of course – stroke our own egos as post it here when we get it as well.

Site Upgrades
The suggestion box #2 post is getting good buzz and input about what we should do to make the site more appealing to you as we gear up to be more competitive with our “Season 2 Filomena Rebirth.*” Please keep em coming!

*Not the official title, I just made it up now.

New Staff Members
We have hired on 5 new members to the writing team in the past month. You should be seeing stuff from them soon. It’ll be a surprise to me too, trust me.

Otakon Meet-up
Strawberry Spice, one of the 5 writers and owner of the parter site Equestria Gaming is hosting a couple meetups at the convention this weekend. I will be there for at least one of those meetups and will autograph your breasts, female only. There will also be stickers!

This concludes today’s broadcast of non-news. Thank you for your time, as always. This won’t be a regular thing, I swear.

  • Plaster


  • nh4no3

    Bronyville's podcasts only serve to piss me off. They're balls deep in the worst parts of the FiM fandom. "Bronies", "love and tolerance", and fanfiction horseshit everywhere.

  • derpymaths

    ^ i'm gonna love & tolerate the shit outta you, bro.

  • Anonymous

    Um… isn't it ChefSandy and AppleCider?

  • Plaster