Well since the grape vine has told me this week that my site is going “downhill”, I figured it was time for another suggestion box post.  For anyone new, basically this is a post where you can suggest what I do with this site, this can be about how the site functions, site design, or even the material we post here.

As for the downhill comment, sorry whoever didn’t have a good time in DerpyChat, but for the record that chat room is its own site, meaning I have very little involvement with that group.  Complaints and issues need to be brought up with the chat admin, Apple Bloom.
  • 8ftmetalhead

    but…. but…. I like it here!

    although yes, NOONE seems to comment, you seem to have been lumped with the actively silent but silently active group.

    I'm not sure what you could do, tbh. This feels to me like the DDR/ITG/pump community, in that as soon as too many forums/sites pop up the smaller ones quickly fall by the wayside. Of course, I don't mean to imply this site is small, by any means, but it doesn't seem to attract quite as much attention as EQD and Pchan.

    This might be due to you guys having different attitudes to pony, or whatever, I'm not sure, but in segregating yourselves, either willingly or not, it's having a detrimental effect.

    While I won't suggest affiliating with EQD, since I understand there's issues there (?), I will suggest perhaps you become more of a hub for users if not to stay at, to pass through and join at.

    Perhaps pull in a few more forums or blogs as affiliates, like canterlot or something (are you guys against RP'ers? I'm not sure, they seem to have constructive discussion), maybe ones like MLParena too, at a stretch.

    I will suggest perhaps a revamp of the site's design in itself, though. I still use DH.com as my bookmark, and of course the blogger-in-the-frame thing gets slightly annoying at times. Although I do know I can just use dhc.com instead.
    In regards to DH.com, seems a bit dull now, what with remaning same-ish since ages ago. Perhaps make it resizable wide screen and change up the art a bit? (it's cool, but as EQD found the same banner CAN get a bit dull after ages.

    Hope this helps :)

  • 8ftmetalhead

    bleargh typos and bleargh saying 'i will suggest' twice after forgetting my train of thought mid paragraph.

  • plaster

    bring back plaster, he was so sexy and funny!

  • Anonymous

    The site is going downhill? But there doesn't seem to be less posts than before season one ended? The posts here feel more like quality over quantity anyways and I like how the comments aren't just spamspamspam like most of the other pony sites.

    Also, there's not really much to suggest since a lot was already mentioned to be in the works during the last suggestion box.

  • nh4no3

    Needs more Applejack.

    And Plaster.

  • Anonymous

    I like this site the way it is, so much less bullshit than EqD

  • DeViL CoNvOy

    What about like a toy sightings section. Like on seibertron.com.?

  • Anonymous

    I like DH as it is, but sure, it could use a re-design. If I were bothered to lrn2 CSS, I would definitely help.

    Also, don't listen to the grapevine. It's very shifty, and some grapes can be quite sour.

  • Anonymous

    Here's suggestion; roll over and die. Face it the staff members attitudes suck you're overeager to hate on Seth and eqd at the drop of a hat. Which by the way makes you come off as butt hurt and unprofessional.

    While I personally don't mind you guys not posting fanfics seeing as I don't read them and am admittedly of the opinion fanfics are shit in general you guys don't even support the good fanmade stuff. Like the good comics and pmvs, and games, hell you guys don't even seem to support people making this stuff about Derpy and the sites called derpyhooves.com.

    Then some of the art you guys do spotlight is the sick shit people wish would just go away like YoorPorick; yes it's well made and high quality but it's creepy as fuck and bloody. Oh and you also feature Gavalanche the guy whose pony art is obvious trolling and is just trying to get a shocked reaction from people.

    Then there was you guys abusing your power as journalists and bloggers with large scale access to the people to try and sabotage welovefines t-shirt contest. What did you guys say again? Oh yes vote up Derpy vote down everything 20% cooler. Got to love the journalistic integrity there, oh but of course you made sure to put that in the comments so you could pretend a viewer said that and not a member of the staff.

    Fix your crappy attitude and post more content about people supporting the show. Like it or not you can't run a mlp fim news site when you don't have any news and all you do have is dickery that very few want to put up with.

    Think about this; it's been about three and a half months since the last episode aired and since the only real news we've had is the announcement that season two will air September 17. The only thing keeping this fandom going is the fact that people really REALLY love this show. But you ignore that and instead choose to focus on the lack of news. Face it unless you change you're going to go through this every season till the show ends.

    Inb4 the typical "how dare you have an opinion I don't like" derpyhooves.com response, that will most likely be delivered by a staff member.

  • DerpySquad

    Lots to reply to but being its almost 4am, I'm not close to being sober, I'll just make a note that the suggestion box is more about testing the waters to make sure the general population of the readers here are happy with the content, and site design (since we're working on that). Otherwise, I'm just laughing at the downhill comment, I'll ride the flaming ruins of this site into oblivion if I must, but like most sites we have traffic data, and so far, no downward spiral.

    Time to pass out.

  • Anonymous

    I think you should try getting more people involved on the comments and ask people to participate and share more stuff.

    Try making events that don't require too much time.

    Ask people questions like, who is the best pony? or how did you became a brony? Those kinds of questions people love to answer, but try to keep it original, cool and simple so people write short comments for others to read.

    On the news make specific questions for people to comment.

    the page design try to make it more simple and the colors of the page are way to serious, try to make it look more happy – derpy = fun, add some fun colors be original and artistic on the colors you choose. I guess you are already working on that.

    It only needs to have more movement.

    have fun!!!

  • Shadrow

    I'm quite happy with the way it is. There may not be too many people who leave comments, but I don't read them anyway, so it doesn't matter that much to me. It could go with an artistic redesign, though. If you guys decide to do that and need help then I'll be sure to include it in that plug video that I still have to make.

  • frith

    I am not, nor have I ever been a staff member.

    This is a blog, this is for fun, and DerpySquad should do with it and post in it as they see fit. "Journalistic integrity" be damned. This is not a newspaper, this is a hobby. I expect oppinions, favoritism and slant, otherwise, who or what is there to agree or disagree with?

    As for the look of the site, well, I guess it's Blogger. You want something nice, try DreamWidth.

  • derpymaths

    21shootingstar's suggestion is good. needs more interactivity. also, frith, tru dat. and also, plaster made one post this week and it completely owned me, so yeah. more plaster. keep in mind though: everyone i know who skis is dead. so… that's something to think about.

  • mattyhex

    The site and it's content aren't bad, but the site could do with a face-lift (you're working on that?), and the content is more 'static' but normally more thought through, though why exactly you seem to want to pick on Equestria Daily I'm not sure – I doubt you'll get very far with that.

    Why exactly is your poll down on the bottom of the page? No body looks that far past the main content of a blog.

    I do like that you still have anon commenting that isn't spam.

    So yeah, I'd say try making the website more dynamic, rethink the content layout, and perhaps more affiliation with other brony groups? Depends how popular you want to be really.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to say this, because in general I like your content more than I like EqD's, on average… but there simply isn't enough going on in the fandom to necessitate two MLP "news" sites.

  • Trainguyxx

    You know, there are only a few sites I check everyday (or maybe even every hour sometimes) for new content on it.

    This site is not going downhill, it's doing fine. Honestly, I just don't comment. If it'll make you feel better about knowing who's there, I'll do my best to comment as much as I can.

  • JackiePie

    Oh I have brought up issues with Apple Bloom, who blamed me for being victimized by the many trolls allowed to remain in DerpyChat because they have seniority. Also, wether or not you want to believe it, your site DerpyHooves.com is directly associated with the chat. If you want the chat to not be associated with this site, then change it's name, or the name of your site. That way you will not have to contend with the reputation of having a un-brony like chat.

    Following the herd should not mean ignoring people who spout hate. That is exactly what Apple Blossom encourages. He tells people to ignore the trolls, and attacks people who report them. Respect needs to be earned, and the mods outside of AppleJack who has been very kind and understanding about this situation. The site isn't what's going downhill, it's your site being associated with a very unponylike chat room.

    They want to pretend they can have an environment like 4chan, and call themselves a pony chat. The reality is they have to decide which one they want, pony chats should be kind and friendly. Not a place where someone gets called a retard repeatedly, and told that everyone hates them on occassion.

  • DerpySquad

    @Anon-12:20am: If there was a typical 'how dare you have an opinion I don't like" attitude here, then I'd just delete your post, and not leave it up. I'll also just refer you to Frith's comment too, its a hobby dude, ponies shouldn't need to be taken so serious.

    Basically busy all day today, so we'll see where this crazy comment train takes us today, just try and not kill each other. But I'd like to reply in full to everything, including the delicious walls of text.

    Enjoy your Saturday people.

  • Anonymous

    JackiePie, you are stupid and should kill yourself.

  • Grey Nightmare

    ^That's a bit OTT dude, come on "Love and Tolerance" eh?

    I think the site needs a PROPER makeover, not just a layout change but a complete revamp, make it feel nice and new – and talk to Strawberry about the union thing – or is that down the drain now?

    At any rate, you have Everypony.com's support as always =)

    You'll pull through guys, don't copy EqD – Quality > Quantity indeed.

  • JackiePie

    I'm pretty sure that Anonymous is Vinyl Scratch, anyways. Isn't there any moderation around here regarding posts?

  • Anonymous

    @Anon 12:20

    Kind of sounds like you just want Derpyhooves to become another EQD, asking them to do the same basic things. While I respect you're preference for that kind of site, please respect that some of us enjoy Derpyhooves BECAUSE it is not a clone of EQD.

    As for the site.. Not sure what to suggest. It'd be nice to have more updates, but what gets posted now is often very entertaining, enough to make up for the sparsity honestly.

    Basically, if you're still having fun with this I say ride it out until season two, when the fandom will finally get some new content to work with again. Can't post what isn't there.

  • Anonymous

    You're going to have to excuse the downhill comment. It was just a chatroom troll that has been taken care of.

    ~Chat Moderator Vinyl Scratch

  • Anonymous

    1. Nuke the site, make a new one.
    2. More quality posts as more have said.
    3. Transform this site to a "recruitment" site to convert new people to the herd. (that's my opinion).

    For content I would only post the best of PMV's, art, video's, dolls and what have you. So that when we need to find that grade A stuff we first come here.

    Stylize the site to look like Derpy. Derp eyed banner, mane colored buttons and maybe a cutie mark side bar, there are lots of things you can do. But in my opinion you have to choose either blogger or just a site, I'm not a fan of a site within a site, it's just weird.

    Anyway if you need any help with graphics (my DA page http://parasprite.deviantart.com/gallery/) let me know, I would be happy to help.

  • JackiePie

    I am not a troll, I am a person who has been abused by the mods in DerpyChat. I guess they will do anything to defend their chat, even outright lying. I only wanted to make sure other people didn't go in there and get hurt.

  • JackiePie

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WPcV2jytfOi040gnZb9CxGoC1yqvLlchYuehg3gdcg0/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1 This is an actual conversation I had with Vinyl Scratch on Skype. Please visit it, and then ask yourself, who is the troll here.

  • derpymaths

    ^ jackie – ppl are trolling you cuz youre being hysterical. that makes you an easy target. just calm down. take a step back. time will fix all.

  • Anonymous

    ^I read half of that before I got bored. Care to make a tl;dr version? From what I did read, Vinyl Scratch didn't seem to be "abusing" or "trolling" you.

    I scrolled to the bottom and caught your comment though… Why do so many fans think you have to emulate some imaginary pony standard? I like the show; It's not going to sway my personality.

  • JackiePie

    I dunno, maybe because most fans are decent. They care for others, they acknowledge when someone is upset, and show concern for them. Whatever though, I'm bored with this. You want to believe some supposedly infallible mod, go ahead.

  • Anonymous

    You have done nothing wrong. Keep up the good work, homepage.

  • anonymous

    Alright, I'm just curious if the chat is it's own site, why does it's name match the name of this site exactly?

  • plaster

    that… actually is a good question.

  • Shadrow

    JackiePie 3:12

    I'm sorry, but I fail to see what your problem is exactly. Maybe I don't have the proper context of having actually been in the chat before, but from what I can tell you're complaining about people on the internet being dicks.

    Because, y'know, that's not what the internet is most known for or anything. Brony or not, there will always be douchebags, so if you're going to hang out on the internet, suck it up, grow a pair and move on.

    Also, calling people "toxic people" isn't exactly the best way to get them on your side. Persuasion doesn't work that way.

  • nh4no3

    Love and tolerance isn't part of this faction of the fandom. Take that faggotry to EqD and Ponychan.

  • JackiePie

    I can clearly see that.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I'm not entirely sure of that. All the threads I used to see on 4chan had that theme througout.
    So unless I'm seeing a branch of people seperate from both EQD and the 4chan threads then I don't know what's going on here.

    Also, someone on reddit commented 'someone actually sent this to seth?' after it was mentioned it appeared on EQD.

    Honestly? The director of the show appears somewhere answering questions, and you expect you have the right to exclude other people?
    I don't know what the fuck this side (or whatever 'SIDE' of the fandom reddit counts as, I don't even fucking know) of the fandom is flying on, but I wouldn't EVER have expected something like THAT to come from it.
    Aside from anything else, it's childishly pathetic. He's on our forum so he's ours?
    I can't speak for the EQD/Pchan side in its entirety, but I sure as hell would be equally disgusted if the same happened there.

    God why do I feel like I'm stuck in between two warring groups of fans who are bickering over absolutely nothing?

    I mean hell, some people seem to not even know what the argument is about. Myself included.
    So obviously it can't be over something all that important.

    In any case, segregation will kill you. That's EXACTLY what's happening to the DDR/ITG community. DDR players hate ITG players for some god unknown reason and vice versa. Probably something to do with ITG getting killed in 2006. As a result, the ITG community has stagnated.
    What happened next? Normal people turned into fucktards, trolling the DDR players. Then they got bored. Left well enough alone. But then they started warring within themselves. Now you've got R21freak, Aaronin.jp and rhythmatic.net all arguing between each other, even though they're all interested in the same core bloody thing, and it is reducing their community to NOTHING.

    Forgive me if I'm completely misreading what's going on here, but for god's sake, you might not be all for 'love and tolerance' but at least be a bit friendlier to those that do? And equally so, for fuck's sake people grow up, sure it's brilliant to encourage the nice ideals but not everyone is going to be interested in that. What's going to make them hate you is you forcing that on them.

    tl;dr I don't know what's going on here but it seems like both sides need to fucking grow up.

  • derpymaths

    ^ ooh metalhead my feelings are so hurt by your meanness, bro! im gonna go slit my wrists and cry while I drink heavily!! LOL cmon man, those people have no control over their emotions; cant change 'em. just gotta rolleyes and move past it.

    this comment thread got mega derailed, and its a shame really cuz derpy is the best pony site evar, but mr derpysquad seems to not agree and thinks that the snide remarks of a couple haters warrants a major overhaul- and that sucks man cuz he works so hard on it, and the whole derpy team is just awesome, its downright fucking magical. maybe some small tweaks and improvements here and there sure, but its already best pony site so… whatever.

    aaand thats my big speech. im going on vacation now. see you dicks next week.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    meh. In this case I might just make a point of ignoring this in future, since what it probably will boil down to is people are looking for something to do between now and season 2. Given that it's gonna be coming in less than 3 weeks now, might just be the most sensible thing to do, eh?

    In any case, as before I love DH too, but it does seem a bit dull at times. Cosmetics, a touch of functionality/form and it should be good. Certainly not a major overhaul.

    Actually, here's a thought. If you DID want to encourage some more people to join in, perhaps have a think about what EQD, EQDAD, Pchan, FIMchan, Reddit and all the other places DONT do, and pick up on that?

    I mean yeah that's the idea behind this post but perhaps having it spelled out will give some people a better idea of what you're looking for?

    God i don't know I'm going to bed with my plushies.

  • frith

    Heh! You all so silly, such walls of text. *laugh* I hope the Derpy Squad will do as they see fit. It's their sandbox. Catering to the loudest members of a committee is not a path to having fun.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I'll throw my hat in with the other people who've said that they don't understand the need or reason for an arbitrary wall to be drawn between PChan/EqD and whoever the other faction is. Faction wars are not newsworthy, really.

    EqD is a place I visit to get pre-filtered fics. I think it does a bang up job of that, better at the moment than some other fan fic sites.

    This site doesn't really seem to have much of a dominant function for me. I find the sidebar links on this site to be comprehensive and well organized, so I head here for them first. Other times, I'll visit to see if there's a different slant on some significant news (like the whole youtube take down thing recently).

    So basically, for what my opinion is worth, I'd recommend simply to focus on news slant. EqD kind of just throws things up there, but I'm usually curious to see how other people take it. Comments on EqD generally suck (not much better here either) and don't often provide a coherent digestion of the community opinion at a glance.

    TL;DR: If someone wants take a piece of news, read people's reactions to it, aggregate and digest it with a bit of salt, then I'd be more than happy to read the ensuing analysis. Saves me the time of having to wade through dipshit responses to find the diamond in the rough.

  • Anonymous

    I should also add that I like the copper mine character files page. It's missing a good deal of great fan art at this point, but the concept is good. Certainly much more approachable than searching a chan board for "dump your x char pics threads".

  • Anonymous

    Let's get this post back on track! With the amount of Derpy art being made constantly, how about a segment featuring one of the new images daily?

  • DerpySquad

    > walks into room.

    Hey guys whats going…..

    > walls of text.
    > walks out of room.

    Yeah, I'll be back. Holy crap some of you think a little too hard about pony business.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Most of em are mine, so you could selectively ignore those. Basically the one I made last says what I think without quite so much of the drama/confusion of the others. I think.

  • plaster


    dear mr anon I am linking too.
    I would love to completely disregard everything you ever say and do, but unfortunately you do make some good points.

    They have been noted and I am totally understanding on why you choose to hide behind anonymity, you massive asshole.
    Good day sir

  • Anonymous

    What this site could use:

    – fancier CSS

    That's all. Keep on keepin' on.

  • Jessica

    I agree with the SITE FACE LIFT. It could use it.

    As for other things, I really wouldn't change a thing, I come to DH.com every few days for MLP news. I don't care about fanfiction or anything else in the brony "fandom," that EquD seems bogged down with. Please don't change a thing with the news you cover, its a nice easy filter for product news and the like, which is all I care about.

  • DerpySquad

    First thank you all who dropped some suggestions, pointers and ideas, that was the main purpose of this post. And thank you those who have tossed out support.

    I also feel some might think this to be some "emo" woe is me post, and yeah, more like a time filler while I went off this weekend for some fun.

    As for the rest of it, this whole fandom faction thing, is internet drama and boils down to nothing but personal opinions.

    Yes, if you're unaware, there are people who are not fans of being called a brony, who don't like seeing anything about meetups, and despise this whole love and tolerance aspect. But again, this shit only matters if you give a fuck.

    Yeah, dead honest, this whole love and tolerance thing is kind of creepy. I know many follow that as a general motto, but there is also a very loud group that acts like its a fucking religion. These are the guys that get noticed by the outside world as what a brony is, and yes, I am just not a fan of it.

    I have very little interest in going to meetups or singing along. I am a fan of the show, not the fandom. What gets posted here is what I personally enjoy from the fandom (non-news wise).

    But at the end of the day, I really don't care what anyone wants to do. If you have fun meeting up and singing, that's your deal, or dive head first into the "fandom" aspect, like OCs and fanfics. My interest is in the show, and I do enjoy the creative aspect of the fandom, such as artwork, music and videos.

    I have zero desire to turn this place into another EqD just to garnish traffic. Personally I like what we got going on, and the best advertisement is word of mouth.

    As for "professionalism" and "journalistic integrity", you guys are thinking way too seriously about ponies. This site at the end of the day is a hobby, and I try to bring people some quality and entertaining material.

    And as for this whole sheltering aspects some sites have, yeah no, its the internet and this site lives in the real world. Unless it devolves into hurr durr bullshit, its something you might have to deal with here, you've been warned.

    Either way, enough of this meta crap. I got sleep to catch up on.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Well that certainly helps sketch a few more lines in.
    Before I go to bed,I certainly don't think turning into EQD is a good idea either. But at the same time I would say not to distance yourself too much from them and the other sections of the fandom. IMO, it's kind of like visits from extended family. You aren't their greatest fans but it's nice to get together once in a while. Esp. when things like show staff popping up to do Q n A.

    And yeah living by the LnT rule is getting old, as nice as it is in practice it just ends up having us look like a cult or something when people not only preach it but force it on others. Which in itself creates a situation of absolute irony.
    Not that I don't like the ideals it brings. Just how people try to enforce it.

    now really, ZZZZZZZ.

  • JackiePie

    Love and Tolerance isn't a religion, it's how healthy people treat each other.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Within reason. Always within reason.
    Not everyone likes being nice to everyone they can.
    Healthy people also have opinions and they also argue. Especially on the internet. How do you think 4chan's survived so long? (lol)

  • plaster

    love and tolerance can only go so far, it's also nurtured the aspects of the fanbase that the outside sees and subsequently stereotypes all of us with that you may not ever want to be associated with.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I would HATE to be associated with nice people. I want everyone to know that I'm an asshole.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    You're taking that too far in the other direction. We don't want people to think we're all a bunch of assholes, but certainly don't want people to think we're all floral pushovers.

    IE we want people to think we're normal people who might be slightly nicer than the average. If that, in some cases.

  • DerpySquad

    Its human nature to be tolerant of one and another, but obviously not everyone is healthy. Case point, morons flying jets into tall buildings over religion and capitalism.

    So its just plain and simple, you're going to run into that kind of crap no matter where you go, even in this fandom. I am sorry some mod may have been a dick to you, but again the DerpyChat is more or less just a tenant in the DH building.

    To answer why its on DH, is because it was a part of the site. When I built the original site, I added in forums and a chat room system. The chat was unused until the fandom started to explode. People started using it. Someone e-mailed me about getting some mods in, I went in, elected a few admins, and from that point have only played the role of landlord.

    Those guys did talk to me about relocating to their own site, so the chat isn't indirectly associated with this site. Its just a matter of me getting into gear and helping them.

    And from a Admin standpoint, I've only had two complaints about that chatroom sent to me or used to reflect this site, and I think both are from you. I think we did this dance before back in the spring.

  • DerpySquad

    *reads chat log*

    Holy crap some Lord of the Flies shit going on in there. Awesome.

    *holds up video camera*

  • Anonymous

    Reading through the most recent rambling DerpySquad post, I think the only coherent sentence was:

    >My interest is in the show, and I do enjoy the creative aspect of the fandom, such as artwork, music and videos.

    K, well that makes it easy. Just post that kind of stuff.

    As for the rambling comments on how you don't like certain aspects of the fandom… Were you wanting to hoping to change the fandom? Or were you just looking to ignore the parts you don't like? If the latter, that's pretty easy and doesn't require you to say anything. If the former, you'd be better served by going out and "engaging" them where they are. If you need a place to organize such engagements, I'm sure 4chan can accommodate your needs.

  • DerpySquad


    Short answer, neither. The ramblings are a reply to the rambles of others in the above comments, the stuff that isn't "site suggestions" since this article was derailed eons ago.

    I look to have an entertaining site, bottom line. Again, I just don't care about this whole "taking sides" deal, I'll gladly throw my opinion down on the crap, but when it comes to this site, matters little to me.

    As for ignoring those parts, well yeah that's easy, I just don't hang out in those places. I am a /co/ November fag, I go where diaper twilight tells me to.

  • JackiePie

    DerpySquad, I think you should've looked more closely at who you have appointed to your chat room. Maybe I was the only one who complained, because I was the only one who had guts to. Everyone else just sat by putting up with the mods shenanigans.