As we’ve reported earlier (although apparently I’m going to have to eat my words), there has been a fundraiser for Skullgirls, the goal of which was to get more characters in the game.  It’s now over, but one of the stretch goals for the campaign at $725,000 was that Mane6, developers of the now non-pony Fighting is Magic would receive the Z Engine, used in Skullgirls, for free.  They ended up blowing past that goal by more than $100K by the end of things, enough to fund five new characters, along with two more stages and themes, on top of the stage and story mode for each one.  Hats off to Lab Zero for raising that much money,  although I’m somewhat curious how much of that was contributed by the pony fandom expressly to get Mane6 the Skullgirls engine.  It’s doubtful it was that much, though.  Mane6 will evidently put out a statement regarding the matter in the near future.

On a related note, are our readers interested in further Fighting is Magic coverage?

  • Bart

    I personally would love to see continued updates on Fighting is Magic. Sure, it’s no longer directly Pony-related, but it started in this community, and I still consider it to be a part of the community.

    Plus, it’s a high-quality project.

    • Alex Vulpes

      I second that notion.

    • freddie


    • Shiek927

      Couldn’t a mod for the game be released that ponyfies everything? Surely Hasbro can’t make a fuss about that…

      Regardless, you have to appreciate the tenacity of these guys – it’s wonderful how much they have gone through, and they’re still on track to release their game :).

  • Jrist

    Of Course
    This born not only originaly from the community, now Faust are here and finally this raises from the ashes of a failed rpoject from we community

    I thinks (and read on other forums) that for respect, for the devs (mane6), for why born and who make it raise again that many agree in maintain support this progect (only if remain quadrupedals on it)

  • yes!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely interested in further updates

  • Anonymous

    My personal interest with Fighting is gone since it won’t have ponies anymore (I just don’t like fighting games all that much), but I would still like to be informed about its progress.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, because someone’s probably going to hack it and make it a pony game again when it’s done.

    • Rellek

      I love how people think that you can just hack a game that uses thousands of individual pictures to create animation like it’s some copy paste type thing. Might as well make your own game man.

      Anyways, I would absolutely love to see the progress on the new Fighting is Magic. Because ARTIODACTYLA! SQUEE

      • Just this guy, you know?

        Never underestimate the lengths some people will go to in order to indulge their obsession. There are a lot of smart people out there with time on their hands. It could happen if someone out there wanted to jump around and beat someone up with Twilight’s sneaker skin.

        • Rellek

          I didn’t say it was impossible or that people wouldn’t attempt to make it happen, I’m saying it’s going to be more work than you expect. Good luck taking the art resources Mane6 gives out, supposedly, and turning a goat into a pony. Thumbs up to you.

      • Anonymous

        There’s already talk of making a pony mod with whatever it will be that Mane6 eventually ends up making. It’ll be somewhat easy considering that Mane6 is going to release all of the art assets that Fighting was going to use.

  • I don’t play video games (I get bored and frustrated fast) but I love following this. Bring on the updates!

  • Blazah99

    Further coverage… maybe for the major kickstarter announcements yeah, and interactions involving Mane6 sure. As far as just LG Studios I don’t know how close they are to the communities of bronys or how much of a brony they consider themselves to be. Thats going to have to take an interview and/or a judgment call to make from someone who knows.