Older Scootaloo by goda900

Older Scootaloo by goda900

Entertainment Weekly has again published it’s weekly teaser for the upcoming episode.

Watch it there or after the break.

Update: Also after the break, a wallpaper based on a frame from the episode, via the My Little Pony Facebook page.

Are ponies afraid of the dark?

Not generally — but they do get frightened after hearing some spooky stories. That’s what happens in this week’s episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which follows Cutie Mark Crusader Scootaloo as she battles nightmares — night-mares? — born of Rainbow Dash’s scary campfire stories. Look closely in the following sneak peek, and you might just spot Princess Luna — the younger sister of Princess Celestia, who’s in charge of raising the moon and guarding the night. Could Luna help vanquish Scootaloo’s bad dreams? We won’t find out until tomorrow morning — but in the meantime, here’s the clip:


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  • jeremy

    At least you guys sourced correctly and actually said where you got it from.
    You didn’t just say, “Oh we got this video from someone”.

    • Yes, thank you! <3

      Correct attribution is very important to me.

      • jeremy

        But my real question is this:
        How did you get the video up before Entertainment Weekly?
        Someone asked this before bu you never answered him.

        • jeremy


        • I did. It just popped up on their video feed, just as with Wired. Last time we waited about eight hours for the proper article before we gave up, this time we had been waiting for about two hours when EqD posted it (sans attribution), and I felt I couldn’t wait any longer.