Spike Hoodie!

He looks so happy!

If they would let me near children I would totally get them one of these

This is by LittleRobin87

“I made my two-year-old son, Keaden, a hoodie for Halloween (It was cold here!) of Spike the dragon from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As you can tell from the picture, he was more than pleased to wear it!”

  • littlerobin87

    That's my little boy! Thank you so much for featuring him on your site! He LOVES this show (Spike, Big Mac, and Applejack are favorites)so you can imagine how excited he was over the jacket! :D

  • Anonymous

    "If they would let me near children…."

    Meaning? Please clarify…

  • plaster

    it was a joke, since people seem to think we're apparently pedophiles

  • Tales

    I was working a booth on Halloween and someone walked away and left their kid dressed as a dragon (or dinosaur, whatever). I was like… sweet, I have a dragon assistant like Twilight Sparkle!