[Spoiler] Finale Song Leaked

EqD ATG II – Day 25 – A Pony Singing by muffinshire

Don’t know how, but a song from the season finale appears to have leaked.  As you might imagine, it’s spoilery as all get out, so catch the link after the break.

[Update:  Totally slipped the writer’s mind initially, but credit goes to Discord’s Domain for this find.]


I’d guess this was recorded at the princess coronation concert, but then the sound quality seems too good for that.  Either way, enjoy, I suppose.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s always the songs getting leaked.

  • From tdijk:
    “If you download the original mp3 as posted on /mlp/, it has metadata that indicates the song was ripped from a DVD.

    Notably the album art is a 480p letterboxed screenshot showing a close up of Rarity’s cutie mark.

    So it was either released early somewhere, or stolen from a warehouse. Maybe a crew member but I doubt it.”

    And then I said “URL contained in said Metadata: http://www.dvdvideosoft.com

  • Applepie
  • Aponymous

    and odd that later today on the hub is a repeat of Friend In Deed (which wasn’t the Smile song leaked about this time a year ago?)

    spoilers aside I’m wondering 2 things:
    1) Anypony else wondering about that “Giddyup” song hub used in the season 3 promos a few months back? (speaking of the Smile song) Sounded like a Pinkie song to me…even if it’s left unused.
    2) and of course that one pop song in the current promos leading up to this saturday (doubt it would be the above,aforementioned…however also wondered)

    • Drakkenfyre

      The “Giddy Up” song is by Network Musical Ensemble.


      From what people have dug up of the group, it’s just a group that does music for TV shows and commercials and such. It has nothing to do with the show, but it’s theme is appropriate, and it’s catchy.

    • That pop song in the Princess Coronation ads sounds like some modern well-known band, but of course I don’t know any bands very well.

    • A lot of promos don’t use any actual songs from a show. I interned at a TV station and they had CDs that they buy full of royalty-free songs and use to score promos and TV spots. Sometimes they even license them from pre-existing sources. Hell, I remember one time I was watching a promo of upcoming movies for one of my local affiliate stations, and the backing music sounded very familiar. After listening closely, I realized it was “Yell Dead Cell” from Metal Gear Solid 2.