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Unfortunately, they didn’t announce the S3 start date.  However,  there were some other interesting details that showed up, so here is the long and short of it, summarized by one of the attendees of the panel.  Details to follow as they arrive.  There was apparently another episode clip that aired during the panel; no video yet, but there appears to have been pictures that were put up by @ronaldhennessy on Twitter [Update: offscreen video of the clip can be found here; Youtube rip of the previous link, courtesy of WayoshiM, can be found embedded after the break, or here.]. Since there are a fair number of spoilerish things, you can catch it all past the break.  Of course, as with all things on the Internet, this should be considered hearsay until video of the panel shows up.

[Thanks to PictishBeast of Ponygoons for the summary.  Also, this article has updated a number of times since it was first posted.  Might want to check again if anything new showed up since you first saw it.]

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Panel Summary by PictishBest of Ponygoons:

No VAs, so the panel had a very different feel than the one in SDCC. In attendance were Hub VP Mike Vogel, Hasbro Executive Director Brian Leonard, Jayson Thiessen, and Meghan McCarthy.

A few general points that were interesting:

Official soundtrack release strongly hinted
Return visit to Manehattan strongly hinted
Both songs we’ve seen so far (Crystal Ponies, Failure Song) are from ep 1
Meghan all but confirmed an upcoming episode that explores the ancient Celestia/Luna conflict

Villain’s name is King Somber. (Sounds like something George Lucas would come up with). Clip seems to confirm the Brigadoon [Author’s Note:  There was a Season 3 clip shown during the panel] hypothesis.

Team all but confirmed the return of Discord (not just DeLancie).

DeLancie has lots of unused lines from previously that will probably be in the DVD bonus features.

Meghan used to use the term pegacorn, but after seeing what fans were using, all the writers now use alicorn. Jayson says the fact that alicorns have only been seen in positions of power is definitely by design.

I’m pretty sure Jayson and Meghan were just speculating for this one (so watch fans label it confirmed) but Jayson said he’d really like to visit the griffon kingdom in an upcoming ep, and Meghan said she’d like to see “Luna’s abandoned moon colony.”

Jayson called Star Swirl the Bearded the Merlin of Equestria, but it didn’t sound like they had any immediate plans to do anything with him.Meghan and Jayson take the worldbuilding very seriously. They helped put together that map but intentionally didn’t make it a globe so they’d have lots of future freedom to explore. They said the worldbuilding is there to reward multiple viewings. It’s never going to be a serialized show, and each ep has to stand on its own, Meghan pointed out the Grand Galloping Gala as an early example of doing callbacks and expanding on the show’s universe.
Meghan studied mythology in college and researches myths from many cultures, not just Greece. She says they were going to use a mythological creature at one point and rejected it because it had “human elements” (I’m guessing centaur?)
Jayson says they try to keep pony technology limited, with even the filmstrip projector chosen because it’s not modern. Meghan joked we’d never see Twilight tweeting. Jayson later had to shrug his shoulders about the night-vision goggles seen in the clip.
(I have to say as I guy who really loves worldbuilding and continuity I was impressed by how seriously Meghan and Jayson appear to treat the subject.)

Hasbro execs were sitting in the audience (right in front of me) and Mike Vogel kept looking over at them when answering questions and they would give imperceptible nods. I felt like he was disappointed at not giving a S3 release date.

Meghan said she really wants to explore how the monarchy works in an upcoming episode. Not as a joke answer either, she really seemed history-nerd about it. Maybe this will be the Celestia/Luna ep.

Hoofed mammals can talk, other animals generally can’t. (Exception for dragons, etc). This came from Lauren early in development. Hoofed mammals are the “people” of Equestria.

As a joke, Mike/Brian said that season 12 would feature Spike and Rarity as a couple, following the passage of the “Pony-Dragon Marriage Act.”

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