Herd Census on CharityCoder has released the results of the Herd Census 2013.

Turns out I’m mainstream. About 28% of us are INTJ, the second rarest Myers-Briggs personality type (a test can be found here) with an incidence of about 2–4% in the general population. (I oscillate between INTJ and INFJ.) More of the most interesting results are listed below.

I also noted with great satisfaction that certain weak points of the questionnaire that had been pointed out were addressed in the report. If you detect further shortcomings, then Coder will surely appreciate your input to further improve the next iteration of the survey.

To the right the charity chart, because it’s damn important.

After a month of furious number crunching, the first report from the 2013 Brony Herd Census is now complete. The “2013 State of the Herd Report: Basic Statistics” contains the basic information gathered for every questions in the survey. Later reports will look at more in-depth relationships between various factors, such as how gender and age affect attitudes about the fandom (and, of course, favorite pony.)

The report can be downloaded as a PDF document by going to http://www.herdcensus.com. Over the next few days, the full set of charts from the report will also become available on the Herd Census site, in a gallery section.

Some highlights from the initial report:

  • The Brony herd has aged slightly from 2012, but is still young, with a mean age just over 20.
  • 24% of Bronies reported being in a serious relationship in the 12 months
  • Mexico now has the 6th largest concentration of Bronies, bumping down Sweden and Finland.
  • Bronies have a significantly lower degree of divorce in their families, compared to the US average.
  • 64% of Bronies are full time students
  • Only 2.4% of Bronies cosplay regularly
  • Nearly three quarters of Bronies have never attended a meetup
  • More than 90% of Bronies believe that the term ‘Brony’ applies to either men or women
  • 46% of Bronies listen to Brony music nearly every day
  • One rare personality type accounts for 28% of all Bronies
  • Applejack is not among the 6 favorite characters of the fandom (but you’ll need to read the report to see who took her place in the “Mane Six”)

Coder Brony
Demographer by Appointment to Her Majesty, Princess Twilight Sparkle
(Who has been handed over responsibility for the Equestrian Census Department)

  • Shiek927

    A shame – I really wish I knew about this sooner so I could have taken part in it as well, oh well.

    The bit about the personality type intrigues me, and makes me want to look what mine could be….but what honestly gets my attention the most, is Princess Luna’s popularity – yes, we all love her, but I was actually surprised to the degree that it was, and I’m honestly curious in learning more why. It seems, from favorite characters, to who we identify most, to who we want to see in an upcoming episode, It seems that, if these stats are proof of anything, that Twilight, Fluttershy, and Luna are the ones that bronies hold closest to their hearts.

    • Shiek927

      Poor Applejack…I’ll never really understand why the farmer with a heart of gold is so unpopular :(.

      • Yeah, no idea, and it is another mystery how Luna could enchant us so. I noticed this recent discussion on the topic.

        • Shiek927

          Looking at Twilight, Fluttershy and Luna, as well as other things like the overwhelming number of INTJ, could point in a specific direction I feel…

          Twilight Sparkle, with a big brain and bigger heart…neurotic, perhaps overly-intelligent, but ultimately well-meaning, though perhaps lacking in social skills….Fluttershy, who can be frightened by so much, yet always assumes the best in others, is super-sweet to all and especially with animals, and arguably has issues with anger and the need to assert herself….Princess Luna, who is one of the super-powered rulers of Equestria – Princess of the Night, jealous and angry at not being noticed or appreciated by others for her creations, redeemed and loved again…

          I don’t want to make too many assumptions or conclusions, and I’m trying to leave head-canons and fanon out of the picture…but analyzing these three side-by-side, I feel you could make a pretty consistent profile…and if bronies were asked how much they personally identify with said-personality, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them said they felt it hit the nail on the head.

          As for Applejack, oh, I’ve heard all sorts of reasoning before (e.g. that she’s too perfect, needs more development and struggles etc…), but I could never personally agree with any of it….maybe I just liked her from the start: oh well, tomato, to-ma-to.

    • Shiek927

      Just finished taking my personality quiz…curiously, I didn’t join the vast majority (INTJ) and a, apparently, INFJ. Reading up on both of them, I definitely understand why…for all my meticulousness, I can be more than emotional, and the desire to be spontaneous (SP i.e. Pinkie Pie) hits the nail on the head, even if it’s really not me.

  • ConcernedAnon

    Yea, this just kinda proves that this fanbase is full of autists.
    look at the favorite and most identified with. Some of those arent even characters

    These people are either trolling, or they are imposing personalities onto these “characters” and treating it as canon. (autism)

    • Anonymous


    • ShadowTani

      Or it could just be you having a very narrow mindset. ;P Seriously though, don’t you haters got anything better to do than cling to old generalization attempts that where logically flawed from the beginning? Flawed because much of the content bronies output require advanced language skills (lyrics, fictions, programming) while majority of autists got poor communication skills. Autists also have very limited scope of interests which would mean if bronies where synonymous with autists we would spread very slow – the popular and cancerous sport of ponyfication is a result of people wanting to mix ponies with their other interests. In other words, it’s contradictory to assume we’re both cancerous and autist like so many of you haters do.

      So instead of a being a self-righteous nazi why don’t you try to give us a constructive reflection on why you think the top ponies lack personality to qualify as a favorite or be identified with? Though I’m already guessing you’re mainly thinking of Luna, no?

      Well, Luna may not have as defined personality as the main six, but she’s still a very relateable character in the same way Luigi in the Super Mario franchise is. In a world where we have to compete about everything, even basic things such a job, then a character like Luna, forever struggling for recognition in the shadow of her big sister, is a very relateable character.