Stay Brony My Friends – Peter New Interview

Big Mac and Smarty Pants
by *DrLonePony

This week on Stay Brony, My Friends hosted by DustyKatt, special guest Peter New. Video after the page break, its a 2 hour and some change show, we’ll post any details and or notes if we generate some.

Dustykatt has a special guest for you this week, Peter New! Eeyup.


Join Dustykatt, also known as “The Manliest Brony in the World” as he spins tails of manliness and mustache care. Watch him walk the tightrope of a live telecast with all the grace of Daring Do!

With him will be his sidekick, Screwball. He will be taking your questions for Dustykatt and his guest via our IRC chat or his twitter during the live show. Join us to see what madness we have in store!

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