(Rewritten as of 12:45am EST)
The short story is that Stephen Colbert gave a shout out to bronies.  yay.
But now for the long story.  It seems this shoutout was somewhat forced (opinions) but apparently this event started back on July 29th with a ponychan thread.  Colbert put our a survey on his Super PAC website, and it seems the survey at the moment is I Stand For… . A campaign was launched by ponychan, and the end result is that Colbert made the shoutout.
And so on tonight’s Colbert Report, he made a shout out to bronies.
(Opinion):  This is going to make a lot of people look into the fandom.  While its cool that Colbert did a shout out, the fact there was a campaign behind it means its kind of one sided.  You could spam his survey with shout out to hot dogs, and probably get the same reaction (a shout out to hot dogs).  I would have rather Colbert done it on his own, without any push from us, except maybe hey, I dare you to watch this cartoon.  Colbert is a general nerd and familiar with cartoons, aka Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law in which he played Phil Ken Sebben.
Lauren Faust also commented on the news in her dA.
HA HA….ponies.

  • Anonymous

    Video or it didn't happen.

  • DerpySquad

    Working on it.

  • derpymaths

    it happened. and it was awesome

  • frith

    Don't knock it too hard, it's product placement. It's why there's advertizing and why companies do press releases. FIM is awesome, but people aren't going to notice that if they don't hear about the show from influential sources.

  • DerpySquad

    I could see that if Hasbro was actually trying to market something to this fandom, but so far, they haven't. The shirts are a start, but that's more the t-shirt companies being aware of us. I like Colbert in general, but I'd rather he had done it on his own, and not because everyone dared him more or less.

  • frith

    I agree that Hasbro is slow with the product. It could be that they are keeping supply low to stimulate our appetites and build up demand… Since Hasbro sells to the mega-corps that sell to us, it could be that our numbers have not yet grown to the point that the mega-corps take us seriously. So Hasbro feeds us dribbles and dabs and hopes that the excitement will continue to grow until we look like a viable market. Could be true.

    Anyway, what I meant in my earlier post was that getting Colbert to mention us is good marketing for the fandom… I was making a parallel comparison between bronys promoting the fandom and say, coke promoting its softdrink. I'm sure Ford would have been pleased if Fringe used only Ford vehicles in their show, but like Colbert vs Bronys, it would be a long wait before that happens on its own.