The results from our poll about how you were going to watch ponies.  The pie is split pretty even between those with the hub, those going to streams and those waiting to download it.  A few people are going to be sleeping in, but I don’t blame you, I shall sleep in very late Sunday.  For the rest of us, its the rebirth of Saturday morning cartoons, I highly recommend gyrobowls and cereal, personal favorites are Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms.
As you see above this feed, we have found plenty of live streams that will be taking place.  It’ll be interesting to see which ones can handle a load, because there are a lot of fans this year.  I’m assuming quality are generally good in each of them, I don’t think we have any like last season (webcam pointed at the tv), we are prepared.
You can feel it in the air, as livestreams take to marathons, irc channels explode in chatter and population, and the /co/ threads kick into high gear.  For those who wandered away from /co/ due to the rancid content of the summer, its feeling a lot like winter in there (though as always, there is rancid, especially late night).  I haven’t had much of a chance tonight.
And now, some classical videos..

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    ah man, those links to the microfilms are coming up 404's. I wish i knew how to fix that.