Suggestion Box 2

I tried this about a month ago and didn’t get too many responses, but since traffic has picked up here at DH, I figured I’d cast my fishing line back out into the waters and see what I get. For anyone new that has started to come here, we are currently plotting out a site overhaul, as what you see is what was built up during season 1, so its time to clean up and prep for season 2. A good part of this is mainly graphical, but as I was reading the noon /co/ thread I saw someone say there was a lot of small things they don’t like.

So since news is so slow at the moment, consider the comment section of this post your suggestion box, and let us know what you’d like changed about the site. Right now I know one of our top complaints is links in the news feed, as it opens the link up in the news window, but we’re working on that.
  • Sterling_Facade

    You should do more artist features if you weren't already planning that.

  • DerpySquad

    @Sterling_Facade: Already in the works, we're thinking maybe anywhere from 1 to 3 a week, especially in this slow news time.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I really like the layout of the site already. I think the only thing you might need to change is some of the colors, maybe give it a Derpy color scheme or something, like so:!162

    This is just a rough kinda mockup thing on how you could maybe change the color scheme or something.

  • derpymaths

    ^ that looks pretty nice bro!

  • Derpy

    I really enjoy crisp, clean looking sites. It looks fine now, but I still think that it could look a little better. Maybe clean up a couple areas of the site. I'm working on a background and a moc-up of what I have in mind. Is there somewhere I can email the image to?

  • Trollestia 5K

    I think the layout is fine. A touch of color or something wouldn't hurt, but other than that, it works.

  • Derpy

    Moc-up done!

    Of course, the final would be a bit cleaner. I have the background already if you want it. Could you set it so it stays the same as you scroll and doesn't tile? I think all the links on the left should be removed and put into sub-categories on the linked pages in the nav bar at the top. The grey should be a deep light blue to match with the background. If there is any way else I can help, please let me know.

  • Anonymous


    That looks a whole lot better than what I threw together up a few posts!

  • Parasprite

    These are my suggestions for the main page:

    Keep in mind these are just my opinions

  • Anonymous

    Seems the general concensus is the site is great, but just a little messy.

    The About Derpy Hooves in the sidebar makes more sense grouped in with the Home Episodes Games etc. links up top.

    I actually like how you have all the other sites categorized and linked in the sidebar right on the front page. The twitter widget could use an upgrade though.

    Besides the search and subscribe functions (that would be better in the sidebar), everything below the Home and Older Posts links seems unnecessary.

    And a nonaesthetic suggestion to end this long post! I know this is a Derpy site, but how about Derpy as the main focus and maybe feature some of the other background ponies once in a while. Maybe a pony of the week/month type deal and have events centering around that. You'd eventually run out of things to do with Derpy alone.

  • nh4no3

    Needs less Youtube, more real news.

  • DerpySquad

    Excellent ideas bouncing around, I'll note that DerpyMath is currently working on the graphical aspect of the site, background and image button links. Though Derpy, I'd like to try out your background, it might be the splash of color I'm looking for, for the site.

    Then Parasprite and the blueprint of change suggestions (that I will now go over from top to bottom).

    The links across the top can easily be changed, might try give top or bottom a try, see which looks better.

    The banner will hopefully be randomized in the new design, so it won't just be the static one we've had for a long time now.

    The submit thing will be buttonized.

    The strikethrough links, obviously they'll be removed until those sections are made.

    The clutter at the top of the news section cannot be removed, this is because the site is two sites smashed into one. Its also the reason for the double logo, if you go to, you'll get just get the blog feed.

    The "image icon links" are indeed being redone to be more button like, smaller and better designed by DerpyMath.

    All the links, I've been chewing on drop down menu. There's going to be links that are buttonized, namely the main sites of the fandom, so I may dump the smaller links into drop down menus to compact that area up a touch.

    The counter will probably go to the bottom of the site itself.

    Twitter feed will probably go away, and the twitter stuff at the bottom is just part of the whole feed view.

    And then Anon@6:40PM: Working on something about the Derpy Section, probably best to maybe add it to the top menu, though there might be more site related links related to the blog, will be experimenting.

    The search & subscribe section I don't think can be put onto the sidebar, again this is because its more or less two different sites, those two things are part of the news blog, but also planned on cleaning up that area.

    But with your comments here, we got ideas of what to do and work with, but by all means, keep'em coming.

  • DerpySquad

    Oh, and nh4no3, compared to EqD, we hardly ever post youtube videos. We'd have real news if there was real news to be had, but its damn quiet in the world of pony news, both DH and EqD can attest to that.

  • Derpy