This is your reminder that Everypony Radio is rebroadcasting season 1 every Thursday at 6pm EST (3pm Pacific).  You can quickly get there by going to Radio.Everypony.Com or click the radio button from EP’s main page.
Grey Nightmare is also trying to find out what everyone who listens to the radio, would like to see EPR do in the coming weeks and months.  More music?  More embeds?  More episode streaming?  There is a poll going on in their forums (click here) and you don’t have to register to vote (but registering and joining is a good thing).  I found myself with an extra hour of free time last night and did register and setup my profile on EP, then promptly fell asleep (ah laz-e-boy, you are the devil).
And that is your reminder for this week :)
  • Plaster

    those damn laz-e boys. They suck the life right out of ya. I'm a victim myself