To all those who have entered already and those with entries coming in, you have seen that due to real life situations (why do I ever leave my house, honestly?) the prize money is just not there.
There are quite a few people who are entering projects even despite this.

Sadly though, I have pretty much dismissed the judges from their positions, but I am still willing to make a huge complilation post here and send it over to EqD as well since Sethisto was quite interested in the contest still. (The news has been pretty slow recently, well except the critical levels of outrage at various media outlets.)

I will not be judging these entries out of respect for all the artists who entered. No prize AND salt in the wound? No thanks.

Anyways, you still have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (12am CST, June 20th) to get whatever you want in send it to I’ll compile it tomorrow.

Thanks for dealin with my dumb flank

  • BronyMike

    Aw, too bad about that. For the sport of it, though, I would've liked to see who would've won in some of the categories, even if it's not me.

    If somehow some super-rich bronies decide to donate the cash that'd be amazing, if a bit unbelievable.