I know it’s not much compared to what I had promised before. For that, I am truly sorry. I wanted to showcase those who had put the effort into this. Most even replied back positively after I broke the bad news. I love you guys.

The first one wouldn’t upload and then autosaved when I messed it up beyond recognition. Version 2, here we go!

See the 28 entries sorted out after the break.

Let’s start off with the PMV’s and Movie Trailers (I’ll just link them to save space) If I had to pick favorites… I couldn’t.

PMV – Angry Pony Polka-video II

C.M.C. (The Many Versions of) (Reel Big Fish PMV)

The Wall (Pony Edition) – Hey You (14) by Beatlepony

Pinkie Todd: The Demon Baker of Ponyville


PMV – Reading Rainboom

[PMV] Ponies on the Moon

Pony Bebop

I really wish I could give you guys money for these like originally planned.

Now on to my favorite so far, the Remixes and Covers!

I’ll Link the youtube ones the same way I did with the videos above, but I’ll embed the ones I had to upload to soundcloud.

My Little Pony FiM Giggle At the Ghosties Lasevega space remix

Winter Wrapup Cover

At the Gala Cover

Thedanman – Pinkie medley

What does everypony do (Winter Wrap Up Remix)

Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme (Power Metal)

Pony Arps and Square Dresses

Keep Calm and Cup Cakes

I have allowed downloading of the MP3’s on the soundcloud uploads. Enjoy!

On to the final Category, Art! (Is there a better term I should be using?)

You should be able to open these in a new tab (I use FF, it’s how I roll.) to see it in fullsize.

I Think that’s all of them.
Hopefully I didn’t miss any, there were a few that were taken down already by youtube, or the creater.

  • frith

    Looks cool! I'll be back to browse more later this week when I have more time. ^_^