Super Ponybeat – Discord 2015 featuring Odyssey


Well even after we kind of faded out the community features, Eurobeat (Brony) Odyssey has traditionally been a staple here on DHN.  Back in the very early days as the music scene of the community was just being born, we use to feature YouTube embeds of all of Odyssey’s work.  In celebration of the 5th anniversary of ponies, Odyssey has posted up a re-make of his song, Discord.

I’ve wanted to re-make Discord for quite some time now, if only as a reflection of the kind of progress I’ve made as a musician since I put the original together.

Now that today, October 10, is the fifth anniversary of MLP:FiM’s first episode, which predates my first release somewhat, I thought I’d celebrate by finally unleashing it on the world. Video coming soon. <3

You’ve all been the very best fans a musician could ask for, and I’m glad to finally reward your patience.

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