Super Ponybeat – Fly (Euro Flight Mix)

FLY (Euro Flight Mix)
Music and Lyrics by T. Stebbins / Produced by Eurobeat Brony, Vocals by Odyssey…

I wanted to make a track about Gilda’s take on the events after “Griffon the Brush-Off”. This is the end-result! Some of you may recall that I mentioned that this may be a collaboration, sadly this is no longer the case— no intentions of ill will are meant towards the other party and I hope to revive such a project again with them in the near future.

Artwork by Hootaloo ( ) and Sidnoea ( ) !

You clipped my wings too close to the quick
You have taken me out
You plucked a bloodfeather out of my heart
Not even telling what that was about

I try to understand it
Where’s the you that I used to know?
You know I try, to be lionhearted
I can’t when you’re letting me go

Guess I’ll fly to another horizon
into another land, ready to find my future
Spread my wings out for departure
Into the softened crystal rain

Guess I’ll fly in another direction
knowing the friend that you lost will be gone forever
Keep that in mind in the future
Around the next friend you betray

Back, forth and back again, that’s what you are
Won’t you make up your mind
You let your new friends say what to do
And let your older ones struggle behind

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