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Now with the added bonus of Alt Mixes – Luna (Nightlife Jazz Mode) behind the page break.

Smile, Smile, Smile! (Euro Cheer Mix)
Original by D. Ingram
Remixed by Eurobeat Brony
Remix inspired by DJ Command’s remix of Melt

Available at

This song may just be my favorite Ponybeat production ever. My favorite synth brass riff, my favorite source material, my most satisfying end-result (at least, in my eyes)… I just love it.

Album artwork by:
“Jail Bait”
Semehammer (Modified into album cover format by Eurobeat Brony)


  • Spazz

    Luna [Nightlife Jazz Mode] has been around since last year, just FYI.
    Guess he’s just now uploading to YT.